Artistic Legacy of Ancient

ALL-DAY SEMINAR: Sat., Jan. 29,

From the Parthenon in Athens and the Bronze Warriors of Riace, to the giant kouros of Samos and the Aphrodite of Praxiteles, when we look at the magnificent architecture and sculptures of ancient Greece—created more than 2,000 years ago—we see the aesthetics at the heart of the great Western art that followed

The Kingdoms of Alexander the Great

Wed., Jan. 26--March 2,

Alexander the Great's amazing 11-year (334-323 B.C.) invasion of the Persian Empire and beyond transformed large sections of the ancient world.With his untimely death, his empire from Egypt to India was divided among some of his generals, the Diadochi or Successors.Wars between the Successors resulted eventually in the establishment of several long-lasting dynastic kingdoms ranging from Alexander's homeland of Macedonia to modern-day India.

Twilight of the Kings: The Dramatic Story of the 20th-Century European Monarchies

ALL-DAY SEMINAR: Sat., Feb. 5,

At the dawn of the 20th century, royal families still ruled most of ; by century's end, the map and the political systems of the Continent were utterly transformed.

Aristotle's Children: From the Middle Ages to Today

ALL-DAY SEMINAR: Sat., March 12,

In the 12th century, an intellectual explosion transformed , generating ideas that coursed through the West and setting the stage for today's rift between reason and religion. The philosophy of Aristotle, which had been forgotten in the centuries after the fall of , was rediscovered by collaborating Christian, Jewish, and Muslim scholars of , in 12th-century .