Pioneer Decisions. The Abolition of Dowry Contracts
at Vatoussa in 1900

Periodical: The Pulse of Vatoussa
October - December 2006, Vol. 36
By Christos Stavrkoglou

Article Summary by HCS: Scholar and historian Christos Stavrakoglou offers an introductory overview of the development of this institution, taking a broader societal and historical perspective for the benefit of readers. He follows with careful analyses of three historical documents found among the villages ecclesiastical archives relating to the ground-breaking decisions of town elders at the turn of the century to eliminate the custom of marriage dowries among their young women. For readers interested in ethnographic, sociological, or historical studies, this his article is seminal for its presentation and examination of primary sources. Read more [In Greek] pdf file

(Posting date 19 February 2007)

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