8th International Conference on Social Values in Education and Business

July 19-21, 2006, University of Oxford, England

Conference Theme:

Ethical Conflict and the “Sleep of Reason”


Conflict: National, Global, Sectarian, Corporate, Psychological, and Educational

Ethical issues and conflict remain universal concerns. The interaction of cultures and economies through the spread of globalization has led to an increase in diversity. At the same time there is a counter-movement leading to homogenization. This blending impacts values, attitudes, needs, expectations, and lifestyles.

We are seeking broad-based papers which explore the ethical conflicts which arise from these interactions. Negotiating this emerging environment requires new skills and educational approaches. Papers are invited which focus on global, national, sectarian, corporate, psychological and educational arenas in which these concerns are played out.


  • Conflict in training concepts for corporate change management
  • Conflict in the management of policy and action
  • Conflict in skills education and change management
  • Conflict in cultural work habits and the global corporation
  • Conflict in capability and expectation in the work place
  • Conflict in management processes open to interpretation and unfair practices
  • Conflict in advancement processes and the legal environment
  • Conflict in corporate cultures
  • Conflict Within the Self
  • Interpersonal issues in conflict
  • Sectarian conflict
  • Conflict in international settings
  • Conflict between progress and sustainability

All papers are double-blind reviewed for acceptance
and will be published in Volume 11 of the ongoing series on Social Values published by Oxford University Centre for the Study of Values in Education and Business

To facilitate debate and exchange of views, we intend to accommodate a greater and more exciting variety of presentation styles, including paper sessions, workshops, and plenary sessions and working paper sessions.


Samuel M. Natale, D.Phil. (Oxon) William Naumes, Ph.D. (Stanford) Geoff Hayward, D.Phil (Oxon)

Conference Executive Director Director, USA Director, UK


Refreshment: Morning coffee, lunch and tea will be served daily at the Department of Educational studies

By Popular request: Each day will feature an unstructured hour of open discussion among conference colleagues

Accommodations: A full listing of available Bed & Breakfast information and websites will be mailed to participants upon receipt of registration fee.


All papers will be anonymously reviewed by two referees and should be submitted to:

Dr. Samuel M. Natale
School of Business
Adelphi University
Garden City NY 11530

Email: Natale3@adelphi.edu

The deadline for submission is April 30th, 2006

Three (3) copies of each paper should be submitted. One copy should have the paper title in the top left hand corner, and the name, mailing address and e-mail of the presenter(s) in the top right ?hand corner of the first sheet . The other two sheets should have only the title of the paper on the first sheet.

The edited copy of the volume of the presentations may be purchased on publication.

Non- refundable fee of US $ 495 entitles the participants to the following benefits:

  • Conference program.
  • Coffee, tea, lunch and banquet at the Conference

No partial registrations are allowed, and participants are encouraged to arrange for Bed & Breakfast accommodations well in advance as space in Oxford is at a premium. Please send checks to:

Dr. S. Natale, OXSVEB
School of Business
Adelphi University
Garden City NY 11530 USA


NAME: ________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________

CITY/STATE/ ZIP: _______________________________________________________

EMAIL: ________________________________________________________________

RETURN WITH CHECK payable to “Dr. S. Natale, OXVEB”

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