“Achieving Corporate Sustainability Beyond the Green"

From Capitol Hill to China, multi-national companies are under pressure to tweak product lines and change operations in order to be more sustainable. Corporate executives are racing against each other to stay ahead of this new trend “Going Green”. Active Communications International in conjunction with The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence, will be hosting a Green Leadership Conference on “Achieving Corporate Sustainability Beyond The Green Corporation.”

The conference will be held at the Hotel Monaco in San Francisco, CA.

For additional information, please contact:

Akin Akinsanya
National Events Manager – Corporate Sustainability & Greening Initiatives
Active Communications International
700 W. Virginia Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204
Phone: (414) 221-1700 Ext. 137
Cell Phone: (414) 349-3142
Fax: (414) 765-0638

Sfakianaki Fotini
Stakeholder Communication Manager
T: +30 210 80 85 565
+30 210 80 85 475

F: +30 210 80 85 556
E: communication@cse-net.org
S: http://www.cse-net.org/

(Posting date 9 April 2008)

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