The Voice of Adouloti Kyrenia--Ioannis Shekersavvas--from Radio New New York

Ioannis Shekersavvas, the Secretary of the Greek Cypriot Refugee Association “Adouloti Kyrenia” for the very first time, on Tuesday, June 14, 2011, was the guest of Radio Neo in New York answering questions of host Sevi Boutos and explaining the Refugee Association’s struggle for liberation of the Turkish occupied part of the Republic of Cyprus. The Refugee Association “Adouloti Kyrenia” was the very first to oppose the bizonal solution and their genuine struggle for liberation of our occupied areas by Turkey is not limited to the liberation of their town of Kyrenia, but their struggle covers the whole of the occupied areas. “Adouloti Kyrenia” was the leading force in opposing the notorious pro Turkish “Annan Plan”, the campaign took off from their premises to cover the whole of Cyprus and beyond as a result of which the plan was overwhelmingly rejected on April 24, 2004.

Listen to the interview and what Mr. Shekersavvas said from Radio Neo
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(Posting date 16 June 2011)

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