American Hellenic Council Launches
Greek-American Business Video Reviews

First review featuring Petros Restaurant in Santa Barbara & interview with founder

(LOS ANGELES - Mar 4, 2012) The American Hellenic Council announces the launch of a new effort to help quality businesses that are owned by Greek-Americans or Greeks in Greece.

The goal of the effort is not only to help any Greek-American or Greek owned business but also to help businesses that are adhering to a high standard of product and service quality that strive to serve the general public in the true spirit of Hellenism.

Although we do try to focus on featuring Greek-American and Greek businesses, our business video reviews are independent, impartial and objective. That way, they achieve the dual mandate of informing the general public of an honest, quality business while at the same time Greek-American and Greek entrepreneurs are aided in getting the word out for a specific product or service they offer.

This effort is launched by the review of Petros Restaurant in Santa Barbara and the interview of the founder, Petros Benekos. This is the third restaurant by Petros Benekos, a serial entrepreneur and restaurateur who has brought a fine dining experience to Southern California when it comes to Hellenic-California cuisine.

The reviews will be posted on the AHC website on periodic basis with permanent links and will be accessible by everyone at that location.

If you are a Greek-American or Greek entrepreneur and you'd like your business reviewed or featured, please email us.

(Posting date 5 March 2012)

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