AHEPA Initiates Campaign to Celebrate 184th Anniversary of Greek Independence

WASHINGTON— The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA), the nation's largest and oldest American-based Greek heritage grassroots membership organization, has initiated a campaign to promote Greek Independence Day by encouraging state governors and legislators to issue proclamations observing the 184th anniversary of the event, announced Supreme President Franklin R. Manios.

'It is crucial for all Greek-Americans and Philhellenes to become involved and do what they can to ensure Greek Independence Day is honored at the federal, state, and local levels of government," said Manios. 'The ancient Greeks forged the notion of democracy which inspired our nation's Founding Fathers to create our form of representative government."

'We celebrate Greek Independence Day for numerous reasons; one of them being the reaffirmation of our common democratic heritage," he added.

In addition to requesting proclamations, AHEPA will encourage its chapters and districts to request that the Greek flag be raised above State Capitol buildings. According to Manios, all 50 governors have been contacted.

'The active participation of every member of our community is needed to ensure the success of this endeavor, " the supreme president said. 'If the President of the United States can commemorate Greek Independence Day, then so too can all our states and municipalities."

Every year the AHEPA family celebrates Greek Independence Day worldwide through events and parades in the United States, Canada, Australia, Greece, and Cyprus. This year, an AHEPA family delegation led by Supreme President Manios will be in Athens on March 25.

'We are extremely excited to be in Athens on such an important day for the Hellenic Republic," said Manios. 'Our delegation is looking forward to a memorable experience."

For a sample letter or proclamation, please visit http://www.ahepa.org/news/releases/2005/0308.html.

The mission of the AHEPA family is to promote the ideals of Hellenism, education, philanthropy, civic responsibility and family and individual excellence.

The AHEPA family consists of four organizations: AHEPA, Daughters of Penelope, Sons of Pericles and Maids of Athena.

For more information about the AHEPA family, or any of its programs and how to join, please contact AHEPA Headquarters, 202.232.6300. For instant information visit www.ahepa.org