AHEPA and Olympic Airlines Partner for SuccessfulAHEPAConvention inAthens,Greece, July 2008

Supreme President Ike Gulas is pleased to announce that AHEPA and Olympic Airlines have forged a partnership to help bring Ahepans to Greece. The AHEPA is hosting the 2008 AHEPA Family Supreme Convention in Athens, Greece and Olympic Airlines has agreed to extend an AHEPA Only Price* for all Ahepans who attend the conference. The AHEPA Only Price will be the lowest available price, on Olympic Airlines flights, from New York to Greece. If you are a member of AHEPA take advantage of this fantastic offer and come join us in Greece, July 1 -12, 2008.

Important: The special AHEPA Only Price can be obtained by using the AHEPA Promotion Code and your unique AHEPA Membership ID Number*

AHEPA Promotion Code: CFR087
Call Olympic Airlines at 1-800-223-1226 and make your reservation today.

*Pricing is based on availability and dates.
*Only current active paid member ID numbers are valid. Not a Member? JOIN TODAY!

The AHEPA Convention Committee has been working hard to prepare a wonderful getaway for the entire AHEPA community. The AHEPA Family from Australiasia, Canada, Greece and Cyprus will be attending our event in Athens, Greece. Thousands of Ahepans, Daughters, Sons and Maids will work together for this family reunion. For more information, or to register for the 2008 Supreme Convention, go to http://www.ahepa2008.com.

(Posting date 30 November 2007)

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