AHEPAAnnounces Joint Initiative with GreekVocalists
Pantazis and Thodi to Raise Funds for GreekFire Relief

Lefteris Pantazis & Efi Thodi U.S.Concert Tour Attendees Urged toContribute to
Emergency GreekFire Relief Fund

AHEPA announces a joint initiative with Greece's singing sensations Lefteris Pantazis and Efi Thodi to support the cause of the fire victims. They will be singing throughout the United States and Canada during the month of September. AHEPA's local chapters will be at each concert encouraging patrons to donate to its emergency fund. With the exposure of thousands Greek Americans and Greek Canadians, AHEPA believes the response will be great. Below please find the upcoming cities:

DETROIT - Thursday Sept. 13 @ The Royalty House

CHICAGO - Friday Sept. 14 @ The Crystal Palace

SAN FRANCISCO - Saturday Sept. 15 @ Flamingo Mirage Palace

LOS ANGELES - Sunday Sept. 16 @ The Glendale Civic Center

To Be Announced - Friday Sept. 21

ATLANTIC CITY - Saturday Sept. 22 @ To Be Announced

WASHINGTON, DC - Sunday Sept. 23 @ St. Katherine's

VANCOUVER - Thursday Sept. 27 @ Hellenic Community Center

TORONTO - Friday Sept. 28 @ Ellas Banquet Halla

CONNECTICUT - Saturday Sept. 29 @ Foxwoods Casino

GREENVILLE - Sunday Sept. 30 @ The Shrine Club

For more information, visit the Asteria Entertainment website, http://www.asterialive.com

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(Posting date 29 September 2007)

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