Gus J. James Unanimously Elected Supreme President

Announces the Launch of
"Voice of Hellenism" Campaign

BOSTON--The delegates of the 83rd Supreme Convention of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA), the largest and oldest association of American citizens of Greek heritage and Philhellenes, unanimously elected Gus J. James, II, Virginia Beach, Va., Supreme President for the 2005-06 administrative year.

“To be elected Supreme President is an honor that I can’t express in words,” said James, who is a member of Chapter 122, Norfolk, Va. My commitment to you, the member, is to do the best I can to work with the affiliated organizations within AHEPA for the betterment and growth of our Order.”

James announced an ambitious fundraising campaign called “Voice of Hellenism.” The goal is to help AHEPA re-emerge as a leading proponent of Hellenism in the country and worldwide.

Newly elected Supreme President Gus J. James, II,
prepares to take the Oath of Office with his wife,
Helen, by his side

Also announced by James are campaigns that will focus on outreach to AHEPA’s districts and chapters that will drive membership. This includes four regional conferences during the fall of 2005 in: Chicago, Reno, Atlantic City, and tentatively Atlanta. Dates will be finalized. The first meetings of the National Lodges of the AHEPA family will be held September 9--11, 2005, Washington. Moreover, James intends to use AHEPA's internal newsletter, AHEPANews, as a vehicle to reach every member four times during the year.

James’ roots are in the northern occupied Cypriot village of Koma Tou Yialou where his father and grandparents are buried. He left Cyprus at the age of seven with his two sisters. James is an Archon in the Order of St. Andrew the Apostle and a member of Annunciation Cathedral, Norfolk.

James is the CEO and President of the Norfolk, Virginia law firm Kaufman & Canoles.

The new supreme president thanked outgoing Supreme President Franklin Manios for providing a fine example for him to emulate. He also expressed gratitude to his wife, Helen, and family members for their support.

Newly elected members of the Supreme Lodge include: Supreme Vice President Ike Gulas, Birmingham, Ala.; Canadian

The Supreme Lodge for the 2005-06
administrative year.
President Nicholas Spillios, Edmonton, Alberta; Supreme Secretary Gus Stefanadis, Clearwater, Fla.; Supreme Treasurer Cosmos Marandos, Nashua, N.H.; and Supreme Counselor Arthur Dimopoulos, Alexandria, Va. Dr. Monthe N. Kofos was re-elected Supreme Athletic Director.

The Supreme Lodge also includes eight Supreme Governors. They are: Anthony Capranica, Warren, Ohio; Gust Christofides, Chicago; Dr. John Grossomanides, Westerly, R.I.; Kostas G. Hazifotis, San Jose, Calif.; Anthony Kouzounis, Houston; James D. Selimos, Hollywood, Calif.; Spiros Vasilakis, Island Park, N.Y.; and Paul Angelson, Virginia Beach, Va.

Elected to three-year terms on the Board of Trustees were: Tom Owens, Petersburg, Va.; James Scofield, St. Petersburg, Fla.; and Steve Tripodes, Pasadena, Calif. Lee Millas, Trenton, N.J. was elected Chairman of the Board, E.P. Terry Mitchell, Niantic, Conn., was elected Vice Chairman, and Owens was elected Secretary.

Newly elected to the Board of Auditors were: Vasilios Albanos and Louis P. Peronis.

The Board of Trustees for the 2005-06 administrative year.

The three affiliated organizations of the AHEPA family also held elections. Mary Filou, Ph.D., New York, Supreme President of the Daughters of Penelope; Mike Panayoutou, Albany, N.Y. was elected Supreme President of the Sons of Pericles and Maria Mastrokyriakos, San Francisco, was elected Grand President of the Maids of Athena.

Also announced at the concluding Installation Ceremony by outgoing Supreme President Franklin R. Manios was the selection of Nick T. Georges, Detroit, as the National Ahepan of the Year and Dr. Nicholas Matsakis, St. Louis, as the AHEPA Medal of Freedom recipient. Georges is a 57-year member of AHEPA who has been instrumental in the revitalization of AHEPA in the Detroit area. Dr. Matsakis is well known for his decades of advocacy for the Cyprus issue and to the preservation of Hellenism in the United States.

The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) is the largest and oldest American-based, Greek heritage grassroots membership organization. Its scope is international with chapters in the United States, Canada, Greece, and Cyprus, and "sister" chapters in Australia and New Zealand under the auspices of AHEPA Australasia. AHEPA was founded on July 26, 1922 in response to the evils of bigotry and racism that emerged in early 20th century American society. It also helped Greek immigrants assimilate into society. Today, AHEPA brings the ideals of ancient Greece, which includes philanthropy, education, civic responsibility, and family and individual excellence to the community. The AHEPA family consists of four organizations: AHEPA, Daughters of Penelope, Sons of Pericles and Maids of Athena. For more information about the organization or how to join, contact AHEPA Headquarters (202-232-6300) or visit the organization's newly redesigned website at

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