Dear Members and Friends:

Once again, 2005 has proven to be a very busy year at AHI. We’ve seen some of you at our monthly Noon Forums, others at the luncheons, receptions, or dinners for visiting dignitaries from Greece and Cyprus as well as at our annual Hellenic Heritage Achievement and National Public Service Awards Dinner and the Congressional Salute to Greek Independence Day in Congress. All along you have all been there supporting our fight to keep the record straight.

However, the summer months are traditionally our most difficult months financially and we need your help to get through the next few months when our activities are on the rise and we can successfully launch our fall programs, such as our 4th annual conference on the Future of Hellenism in America.

We count on the generous support of people like you as the backbone of our work—without which we could not effectively fight for human rights in Cyprus, the rule of law, the Aegean, FYROM, and protection of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. This means fighting the constant attempts by Turkey, the Turkish Cypriots and their lobbyist in the US and monitor legislation in Congress and the Administration.

Today AHI continues to aggressively address the challenges that affect the Greek American community. However, to be effective in all these issues, we need your support. Your contribution will help AHI to continue to expand its work on behalf of a strong relationship between the U.S. and Greece and Cyprus, and within the Greek American community.

At this critical time of the year we ask you to please consider making a donation to AHI. As a special “thank you” for your continued support, we will mail you a free book from the AHI publication list. You can start as low as $12 or contribute more on our secure online webpage. Complete the web form and charge your tax-deductible contribution. If you prefer to pay by check please make it payable to AHI and mail it to AHI, 1220 16th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036.

Thank you in advance for your every consideration of this appeal.

Warmest regards.


Gene Rossides

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P.S.S. Special New AHI Member Offer: With a minimum contribution of $100 you will receive a one-year membership to AHI and 2 free books from the AHI publications list.

For more information about the American Hellenic Institute in Washington, D.C., contact Georgia Economou, Director of Public Relations for AHI, at (202) 785-8430 or at, or visit the groups' website at AHI was founded in 1974 following Turkey's illegal invasion and occupation of 37.3% of Cyprus. It is a membership-based organization with members throughout the nation. AHI's core mission is to promote American values and the rule of law in U.S. foreign policy and to strengthen relations between the U.S. and Greece and Cyprus as being in the best interests of the United States. It conducts an active program with Congress in espousing and supporting legislation designed to promote American interests in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean and is registered with the Congress under the Lobbying Act. The AHI Foundation is the first think-tank devoted exclusively to the study of the issues confronting the Greek American community. This organization sponsors conferences, seminars and publishes books and other materials on the issues.

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