AHI Foundation Elects Tsakopoulos to 
Board of Directors

WASHINGTON, DC—The American Hellenic Institute Foundation (AHIF) is pleased to announce the election of Kyriakos Tsakopoulos to the Board of Directors of AHIF. Mr. Tsakopoulos and his family have demonstrated their strong commitment to supporting the Greek American community through various endeavors.

On April 14, 2005 Mr. Tsakopoulos, with a gift of $1 million, completed the endowment of the Kyriakos Tsakopoulos Chair in Hellenic Studies at Columbia University’s Hellenic Studies Program in the Classics Department, which will also include an annual lecture series on "Aristotle and the Moderns."

The donation was made as a tribute to Mr. Tsakopoulos’ late grandfather--for whom he was named--and to focus study on the timeless relevance of the teachings of the great Greek philosopher Aristotle.

"This Chair will make Columbia one of the premier centers for Modern Greek Studies in the United States," said Professor Karen Van Dyck, the director of the program in Hellenic Studies at Columbia University.

"We are honored to welcome Kyriakos Tsakopoulos to the AHIF Board of Directors. He brings a unique perspective as we continue to expand our goals and objectives. He has a long tradition of being involved in the Greek American community. We look forward very much to working with him," said AHIF President Gene Rossides.

"I am honored to continue my family’s support of AHI. AHI is an important advocate of principle and the rule of law and I intend to add value as a member of its Board," said Kyriakos Tsakopoulos.

Mr. Tsakopoulos is President and Chief Executive Officer of KT Development Corporation, a land development company headquartered in Roseville, about 20 miles east of Sacramento, CA. He actively serves both charitable and political causes. He is a Trustee of the California State University System, Chairman of the University of California at Davis MIND Research and Development Institute, and a Democratic National Committeeman. Mr. Tsakopoulos also serves on the Board of Visitors of Columbia College and the Crocker Art Museum. He is a member of the California and U.S. Supreme Court bars.

For more information about the American Hellenic Institute in Washington, D.C., contact Georgia Economou, Director of Public Relations for AHI, at (202) 785-8430 or at georgia@ahiworld.org, or visit the groups' website at http://www.ahiworld.org. AHI was founded in 1974 following Turkey's illegal invasion and occupation of 37.3% of Cyprus. It is a membership-based organization with members throughout the nation. AHI's core mission is to promote American values and the rule of law in U.S. foreign policy and to strengthen relations between the U.S. and Greece and Cyprus as being in the best interests of the United States. It conducts an active program with Congress in espousing and supporting legislation designed to promote American interests in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean and is registered with the Congress under the Lobbying Act. The AHI Foundation is the first think-tank devoted exclusively to the study of the issues confronting the Greek American community. This organization sponsors conferences, seminars and publishes books and other materials on the issues.

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