German Museum to Host Antiquities Exhibit on Alexander the Great

The Museum Weltkulturen D5 of Manheim, Germany, is set to host an exhibition on Alexander the Great. From October 3, 2009 until 21 February 2010, valuable antiquities, some never seen before by the public, will trace the impressive expansion of Alexander the Great to Central Asia and the cultural, political and economical transformation processes connected with it.

One of the central questions of the exhibition concerns the lasting results of the meeting of Oriental, especially Achaemenidian, and Greek traditions with regard to the civilizations of Central Asia. We will present high-ranking objects of the grand European Museums, like Louvre, British Museum, the Staatliche Museen Berlin as well as numerous impressive objects from important collections of the Central Asian states, above all from Uzbekistan. Most of these are to be shown in Europe for the first time. Thus the extraordinary meaning of Alexander the Great beyond his lifetime and expeditions as well as the resulting meeting of the worlds will be examined in the exhibition.

The World Cultures Museum is open daily from 11am to 6pm, except Mondays. Entrance fee is 11 Euros, with reduced admission for students, children and groups. For more information, see museum website at the URL .

(Posting date 5 February 2009)

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