Vefa Alexiadou

Vefa Alexiadou is Greece's foremost cooking authority. A prolific author, scholar, and television personality, "Kyra Vefa" has set the standard for books on Greek cuisine. She is a "gifted cook who comes from a line of gifted cooks, modernizing Greek cooking using contemporary methods and equipment while retaining authentic flavor." A university-trained chemist, she has also studied nutrition at the University of California at Berkeley. Her love of cooking, combined with her artistic talent and scientific training, make her a well-respected authority on Greek cuisine and a regular on Greece's most popular morning TV show. Among her best-selling books are Invitation to Dinner, Invitation to Cocktails, Invitation to Tea, Invitation to a Children's Party, Greek Cuisine, Greek Pastries and Desserts, and Festive Cuisine. HCS readers are invited to read a review of two of her books: "Greek Pastries and Desserts and Greek Cuisine, by Vefa Alexiadou. A Book Review by Mary Papoutsy".

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