Dr. Anthony G. Ziagos, Sr.

Born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts, the son of the late Tony Ziagos and Venus (Ziagos) Matczak, Dr. Anthony Ziagos received his BS and MBA from Lowell Technological Institute, now the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, in 1972. During his collegiate years, he was active as a journalist and a business entrepreneur.

After completing his MBA studies, he entered the real estate profession full time; in 1982, established Middlesex Properties, a real estate investment and brokerage firm. As a top producer in the residential real estate, he became interested in the equity marketplace and began to attend NEREX marketing sessions in 1984 and received the National Council of Exchangors “Gold Card” in the spring of 1985. A firm believer in continuing education, he has taken over 350 hours of specialized courses and lectures in the real estate field. Active as a national speaker, educator and feature writer, he has had over 50 articles published in the field of real estate and business and kept a regular teaching schedule. He was appointed as a faculty member to Boston University’s Metropolitan College in the spring 1992 teaching IRC 1031 Exchange Transactions. He is an approved instructor for the “Basics of Real Estate Exchanging and Equity Marketing”, the National Council of Exchangors “GOLD CARD” Course and was a guest lecturer at Western International University’s Financial Services Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. He has developed several advanced seminars to satisfy continuing education requirements in several states. The National Council of Exchangors awarded Mr. Ziagos their Client Service Award in the fall of 1991. This national award recognized him as “Exchangor of the Year.”

In 1987 Dr. Ziagos and his wife became interested in hypnosis and studied under Steven LaVelle and Ormond McGill. They both became certified Clinical Hypnotherapists. Over the last 16 years, in addition to his other business interests, he has earned several advanced designations and certifications in this field. He is a Licensed and Registered Doctor of Naturopathy and a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Alternative Medical Practitioner. Researching and studying with his wife, together they have developed a technique that combines traditional therapies and counseling skills.

For many patients, in addition to reducing stress, their treatment technique has also accelerated the healing process. Their “Traditional Therapies Counseling and Education Clinic” (www.TraditionalTherapies.com) has been featured on cable television and talk radio in addition to several alternative medical publications. Dr. Ziagos continues to study, write and lecture in the field of Traditional Therapies, Hypnosis, Reiki, Stress Management and Alternative Medicine. His work on Magnet Therapy and feature articles on Alternative and Complimentary Medicine has been published in the Naturopathic Physician N.M.D. Publication. In 2001, Ziagos completed his doctoral studies and earned two doctorates in Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine.

Dr. Ziagos has authored numerous articles, several of which appear on HCS, along with releases and reports about his activities: March 25th--Celebration of Greek Independence Day, Ziagos to Exhibit Photographs of Mayan Archeological Ruins at the Brush Gallery in Lowell, MA, Corporate Counter Trade: IPO or Expansion? The Professional and Business Ethics: It Starts With You! High Self Esteem Not Enough for Micro Nations Restoring Lithuania's Royal Titles and Dr. Ziagos Honored by Yamuni Institute.

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