Critics' Comments on Arcadia, My Arcadia

  • "Fascinating. . .An elegantly written and deeply felt epic that will appeal to readers of all backgrounds."—Charles Moskos, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, Northwestern University, and author of Greek Americans.
  • "A very special story. . .I enjoyed it immensely."—Hon. Michael Dukakis
  • "Anyone who reads this book. . .will find shared experiences that touch deeply."—Nicholas Gage, author of Eleni and other best-selling novels.
  • "A story vividly and dramatically told, with echoes of the greatness that was Hellas."—Harry Park Petrakis, well-known Greek author.
  • "We Greeks owe gratitude to the author because he took the common life of our country and its scenes and made them a blessing through the literary process and projected them on the international horizon for all the world to view and admire."—Photis Fournodavlos.
  • "A rare document of our life."—Iphigenia Benaki, Athens, St. Basil's Publishers
  • "The making of the immigrant."—Georgia Mitchell
  • "The synaxis of all immigrants."—Dr. Costas Sarantopoulos
  • "The story is absorbing, its characters are deftly drawn and its appeal is universal . . . It's been years since I've read David Copperfield, but this book reminded me of it. . ."—S. L. Wisenberg, Red Fish Studio
  • "It has a strong, haunting, literary quality. . .You remind me a lot of a Greek Steinbeck. Brilliant. . ."---Betty St. John, Jack Scagnetti Literary Division
  • "An authentically written debut novel, and richly evocative of its period, it has the power to warm your heart as well as break it. . .Arcadia, My Arcadia is a book you immediately want to share with others. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good read."—Viveka Neveln, Managing Editor, Edgge Doing and Dining Guide.
  • "This is one of those novels---without which we can hardly know ourselves—that testify to the indomitable power of the human will."—Jason Peters, Augustana College

    Letters of Commendation

  • Mr. Demetrios G. Konstantopoulos, Prefect of Arcadia, Greece
  • Mr. Alex Rigopoulos, Supreme President, Pan-Arcadian Federation of America

    Complete Review (in Greek)

  • Mr. Photis E. Fournodavlos, in Kathimerina Nea, 22 June 2004, p. 5