Attention Parents:
Archdiocese Dept. of Youth Ministries Lists Resources on Faith and Science

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible." Hebrews 11:1,3

November 30, 2005

Dear Youth Workers,

Greetings in Christ!

Here are some resources to assist you in continuing the Faith and Science conversations with children, adolescents, and adults alike. Again, please keep in mind that most of these are not Orthodox Christian sources, and are not officially endorsed by our department. But they are helpful resources when discussing aspects of the subject.

We will let you know when the Faith & Science feature articles hit the press in the Challenge of the Orthodox Observer, so that you may use it at a starter resource with your teens. The motion of compiling and providing these Faith & Science resources has been fueled by biologist and seminarian, George P. Tatsis of Charlotte, NC. We are grateful for his offering.

Thanks for sending your groups' efforts to reach out to others in need for The Saint Katherine Challenge! Watch for the final report in the Faith & Science Challenge! Great work!

With love in Christ,
The Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries


*Science Magazine:,

*Exploratorium - museum of science, art, and human perception:

*Science of gardening:

*Smithsonian's Natural Museum of History - cool interactive presentation of the origins of the earth:

*Bioclips, biology and multimedia:

*The Molecular Logic Project, geared toward students to give them a better understanding of the functions of the molecule:

*Understanding Genetics (fun with genetics):

*Museum of the Moving Image - science onscreen:

*Yale's portrait of the heart:

*Science Express, electronically published science papers:


*Wildfinder, mapping the world's wildlife:

*CancerQuest, cells gone wild:

*North Carolina's Museum of Natural Sciences:

*Physics animations:

*Fusion Energy Educational Website:

*Carnivore Conservation:

*Evidence of God's Design in Nature:

*Article: Finding God in Nature, from the NY Times:

*Article: Nature-deficiency disorder


*The Messier Catalog - unveiling the deep sky:

*Windows to the Universe:

Science and Faith

*Metanexus Institute ("advances research, education and outreach on the constructive engagement of science and religion"):

*Science & Theology News, a website that reports the relationship and dialogue between science, medicine, and religion/theology

*PBS website devoted to the discussion of Faith and Reason

*Counterbalance Interactive (online) Library:

*Institute on Religion in an Age of Science:

*Zygon Center for Religion and Science

*Article: The Mythical Conflict Between Science and Religion * Article: Reconciling Old Lovers (Pope John Paul's wisdom about how faith and science benefit each other)

*Website: Elements of Epistemology


*Book: The Science of God by Gerald Schroeder, Broadway, 1998

*Book: Science and Orthodox Life by John Chriban, Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 1993

*Book: Backyard Ballistics by William Gurstelle, Chicago Review Press, 2001

*Book: Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy, and Religion in "The Matrix" edited by Glenn Yeffeth, Benbella Books, 2003

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