Archimedean Middle Conservatory Approved

Dear Friends and Board Members,

The Archimedean Middle Conservatory (grades 6-8)
(the Middle School branch of Archimedean Academy)
has been approved today by the Miami-Dade Public School Board.
It will open in August 2005 with grade 6.
It will have a curricular emphasis in Mathematics and the Greek Language
as well as an interdisciplinary Philosophy component.

Archimedean Academy has currently 310 students in grades K-4. and 25 Pre-K students.
It scored 1st best score in 3rd Grade Mathematics 2004 FCAT in Miami Dade County (the 4th largest school district in USA) among 220 schools, 18th place in the State of Florida among 1880 schools, 2nd best place in 3rd Grade Language Arts 2004 FCAT in Miami-Dade County and 52nd place in Florida.

Next year the Archimedean Academy and the Middle Conservatory will have grades Pre-K and K-6 with approximately 540 students.

The School's Board, Ms Patricia Booth the Principal, its teachers, staff and its amazing students
wish you the best.


Dr. George Kafkoulis
Associate Professor of Mathematics FIU
President & Chairman of the Board
Archimedean Academy


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