Help Save Ancient Temple of Artemis Agrotera in Athens
from Imminent Destruction

(Pythagorean Research Non-Profit Organization, Athens)--The august, cultural, valuable ancient monument known as the Temple of Agrotera Artemis, centre of the Lesser Eleusinian Mysteries in Athens, is in danger of total destruction by the scheduled construction of a building on its site.
[edd: For more information, see previous article posted by HCS, "Temple Site Caught in Crossfire," or visit a website dedicated to informing the public about this situation and to collecting signatures on an online petition at the URL]

Please apply all the strength of your good influence to all decision-making centers of your renowned state/country in order to support our efforts to save this archaeological monument, with the wish that the civil supreme court in your renowned state reacts by an appropriate attendance-declaration.

Please address your noble protest to:

  • M. Dimitrios Sioufas President of the Hellenic Parliament
    Hellenic Parliament
    2, Vas. Sofias str. Athens TK 100.21

  • M. Michael Liapis Minister of Culture
    Hellenic Ministry of Culture
    Bouboulinas str. 20-22 Athens TK 105.63

  • M. George Souflias Minister of Environment
    Hellenic Ministry of Environment
    Amaliados str. 17 Athens TK 115.23

P.O Box 17.126 Kolonaki GR 100.24 ATHENS - GREECE

The President
Dimos Sinanidis
Dr in Philosophy of Athens' University

The Vice-President
Ioannis Stergiou
Economist. Graduate of Athens'
Economic University

(Posting date 30 January 2008)

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