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Past/Present 1 September 2005-2006

Hurricane Katrina

Past/Present 14-22 August 2005

The worst air-disaster in Greek history

Past/Present 26 August 2004
Sprinter Fani Halkia triumphs in the women's 400-metre hurdles

Past/Present 13 August 2004
Athens 2004 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Past/Present 14 July 2004
The arrival of the Olympic flame on the island of Crete after a year-long relay around the globe

Past/Present 20 March 2003
Over 100,00 anti-war protesters, many of them high school and university students, teachers and labour activists, marched on the US embassy in Athens while similar mass demonstration were held throughout Greece.

Past/Present 27 February -
13 March 2003
After several months of deadlock, the Greek government on February 27
declared a consortium headed by US defense contractor SAIC.

Past/Present 13 October 2002
Yannis Tzannetakos suffers a crushing defeat in the first round of the local elections

Past/Present 3 July 2002
27 years after the first deadly strike of the phantom November 17 (17N)
terrorist group, Greek police declare they finally discovered the organizations operational headquarters

Past/Present 3 October 2001
Largest Coastguard Swoop on Illegal Immigration in One Day.

Past/Present 4 April 1999
Athenians protest against Nato's bombing campaign on Yugoslavia.

Past/Present 23 June 1996
Death of Papandreou; End of political era in Greece

Past/Present 1 July 1989
Rise of New Democracyparty on the heels of socialist scandal

Past/Present 30 March 1985
Twenty years before the current conservative prime minister, Costas Karamanlis, endorsed the election of a president from the ranks of the opposition Pasok party, the socialist prime minister Andreas Papandreau did exactly the opposite.

Past/Present 28 July 1975
Tribunal for ArmyJunta

Past/Present: 23-24 July 1975
Fall of military dictatorship; return of Karamanlis from exile.

Past/Present 8 July 1965
Political turmoil leading to army coup

Past/Present 7 June 1965
Court-marshall and disciplinary measures ordered against clandestine military pressure group

Past/Present: 22 May 1963
Murder of peace activist MP Lambrakis

Past/Present 16 May 1963

Visit ofde Gaulle to Greece; strengthening of Greek ties to European community

Past/Present 31 May 1941
Greek Resistance to Nazi WW2 Occupation

Past/Present 20 May 1941
The Battle of Crete marked the final victory of the Germans in their two-month-Iong Balkan campaign.

Past/Present 18 March 1936
Death of Eleftherios Venizelos

Past/Present 11 September 1922
Following the collapse of the Asia Minor front and the mass exodus of hundreds of thousands of Greeks.

Past/Present 6 March 1915
Prime Minister Eleftherios Resigns

Past/Present 22 June 1824
The destruction of Psara.

Past/Present 25 March 1821
Greek National Independence Day. The actual historical event refers to bishop Germanos' celebrations in 1821 for the liberation of the city of Patra, in conjunction with the religious feast of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, on March 25, following news of the revolution's first military victory against the Turks at Kalavryta.

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