Reviving the Delphic Idea:
First International Symposium "Know Thyself"

Delphi – Greece
August 17-20, 2006
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By Nancy Biska

Vangelis will be awarded the highest honorary distinction by the Municipality of Delphi and the Hellenic-American National Council at the First International Symposium of Reviving the Delphic Idea.

The honorary distinction of the “Golden Lyre of Apollo” will be granted to the outstanding composer, Vangelis, within the context of the 1st International Symposium for the “Revival of the Delphic Idea”, to be realized in Delphi, from the 17th to the 20th August, 2006. The award will be presented by the Mayor of Delphi, Mr. P. Kaltsis and the President of the Hellenic-American National Council (H.A.N.C.), Mr. Th. Spyropoulos.

The internationally renowned composer is being honoured with the highest distinction for his contribution to the promotion and dissemination of the ecumenical and universal values, through his work and public persona.

The Symposium is being co-organized by the Municipality of Delphi and the president of the umbrella organization, the Hellenic-American National Council (H.A.N.C.), Mr. Spyropoulos. It aims to institutionalise the annual international meeting, at Delphi.

At the Symposium, Greek, American and European professors of international prominence as well as, representatives of Hellenes abroad organizations and distinguished personalities are scheduled to participate and give presentations.

“Delphi is linked with the most important events in Greek history” says the president of H.A.N.C., Mr. T. Spyropoulos. “With the institution of Amphictyony, it spread the message of friendship, brotherhood and peaceful coexistence between nations. In their totality these principles represent the “Delphic Idea,” and so Delphi is the ideal location for such a meeting. In regards to the honour being bestowed to Vangelis, Mr. Spyropoulos noted: “Vangelis both in his work and public life embodies the Hellenistic philosophy as an ideology”.

“The Municipality of Delphi, in accordance with its mission, is working towards realizing the vision of Angelos and Eva Sikelianou for the promotion of the Delphic Apollonian Humanistic ideal, through the revival of the Delphic Idea” says the Mayor of Delphi, Mr. P. Kaltsis. “We received this request from many distinguished personalities and intellectuals from around the world. The idea matured and along with the president of H.A.N.C. we are moving towards its realization with the belief in the activation of the values of civilization”. Mr. Kaltsis’ thirty year vision of institutionalizing the honorary distinction of the “Golden Lyre of Apollo” has finally been formalized by the Municipality of Delphi: “the award of the Golden Lyre of Apollo is the initiation and commendation of the pan-humanistic ideals”.

During the award ceremony honouring Vangelis, to be held on Saturday, 19th August, at 21:00, at the “Frynichos Theatre”, the composer and creator’s great work “MYTHODIA” will be shown in its entirety. It is of note that the aforementioned distinction will be bestowed upon only those people internationally who fulfill the criteria of “contribution, through their work and public expression, to the promotion and dissemination of the ecumenical and universal values.”

Within the framework of this international meeting, the H.A.N.C.’s 17th annual conference, where emphasis this year, will be given to the topics of the Greek-American lobby, Hellenic education in the U.S. and attracting younger generations to the Hellenic-American community.

Closing the Symposium, the “Declaration of Delphi” will be signed. This will include conclusions drawn from the 1st International Symposium for the “Revival of the Delphic Idea.”

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(Posting date 15 August 2006

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