Austin Lunch Available on CD for the Blind

Austin Lunch, Greek-American Recollections (by Constance M. Constant, Cosmos Publishing, 2005), a memoir about growing up during the Great Depression, has been digitally recorded by the non-profit organization, Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic. RFB&D provides books and textbooks on compact discs (CDs) for people who have visual or reading disabilities. Tens of thousands of individuals have enjoyed positive life changes from these benefits. The author supports the worthwhile mission of RFB& D and has donated gratis use of the book for the recording.

Begun as Recording for the Blind in 1948, volunteers reacted to the needs of blind veterans of World War II who wanted to take advantage of the GI Bill of Rights. The GI Bill guaranteed all veterans a college education. Thanks to Anne T. Macdonald, the attic of the New York Public Library was turned into a studio for recording textbooks for blind servicemen. Eventually benefits of membership extended to anyone with visual impairments. In 1995 the organization became Reading For the Blind and Dyslexic to include individuals with “print disabilities.” Today, RFB&D includes a force of over 7,100 volunteers. In 2005 alone, 5,134 titles were added to RFB&D’s audio library via 30 recording studios, located throughout the U.S..

Milford Zornes, the noted American watercolor artist and a member of RFB&D, became interested in Constant’s book when his wife Pat read and recommended it. At 98, Mr. Zornes has vivid memories of the Great Depression. In the Thirties, at the beginning of his long and illustrious career, he worked as an artist for the WPA. Zornes asked RFB&D to record Austin Lunch so that he and many others with visual impairments could enjoy Constant’s well-received book.

For information about RFB&D, call 866-RFBD-585 or contact at .

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(Posting date 25 August 2006)

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