Out of Arcadia, Sequel to Arcadia, My Arcadia,
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Title: Out of Arcadia
Author: Nicholas D. Kokonis, Ph.D.
Publisher: St. Basil's Publishers
Date of Publication: 2012
Language: English
Price: $25 (additional $5 shipping and handling if ordering directly from author); special price for both books by Kokonis: $38 plus $5 shipping and handling
Description: softcover, 437pp
Availability: Directly from author with check or money order: Nicholas D. Kokonis, P.O. Box 1155, Deerfield, IL 60015. Discounts off bulk orders to bookstores, museums, schools, churches, PFA Chapters, and other fraternal organizations are available.

About the Book

With his father invalid after falling off the family donkey and his mother so afflicted by arthritis that that she can hardly sell her flower and vegetable seeds in order to feed the family, Angelo Vlahos leaves his tiny village in rock-strewn Arcadia in 1960 and arrives in Chicago on a forged bank certificate of deposit. With all his possessions in a bundle, thirty dollars in his pocket, and a registration at a phony technical college, he forges with hope towards his two goals: to get a college education while working and to reunite with the love of his childhood, Antigone. But unexpected harrowing circumstances throw him painfully off course. Faced with deportation and a crisis of the spirit, Angelo prays for his destitute family back home and hopes for a miracle. Will he get out of his agonizing quandary before his family vanishes back home?

Author's Note

Out of Arcadia is a sequel to award-winning Arcadia, My Arcadia. Both volumes are the sort of books that are not so much read as they are experienced."--Dr. Nicholas Kokonis

Reviewers' Remarks

"Gently, Kokonis takes the reader by the throat and will not let go. . ."--Marilyn Boutwell, Long Island University

". . . a distinguished contribution to the literature of immigration."--Shawn Rosenheim, Williams College

"Eloquently written, fascinating. . . an incredible piece of work."--Sue Harrison, author, Mother Earth Father Sky

"Among the finest achievements of the author is that minor characters become major. Simo is simply brilliant. Dickens would have been proud to create her."--William Graddy, Trinity International University

". . . will become a classic one day."--Patty Apostolides, author, The Greek Maiden and the English Lord.

"A book to celebrate."--Dr. Rolph A. Weil, President Emeritus, Roosevelt University

". . . reminiscent of the great works of many classical and modern authors, including Steinbeck."--Linda Morelli, award-winning author of Fiery Surreder and Shadow of Doubt

". . . a worthy contribution to humanity."--A A Alvarez, author, The Chronicles of a Nomad

About the Author

Nicholas D. Kokonis was born and raised in Arcadia. A practicing psychologist and college professor, Dr. Kokonis divides his time between his native Arcadia and the US.

Dr. Nicholas Kokonis completed his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Illinois Institute of Technology in 1971 after earning his B.A. and M.A. at Roosevelt University. His research findings have been published many times in nationally recognized professional journals.
In addition to his clinical expertise, he is a teacher and professor. His teaching career has been profiled in collegiate journals and he has received prestigious faculty appointments to colleges and universities.

Dr. Kokonis is the recipient of many awards and honors, among them Who's Who, Outstanding Citizen of the Year, Notable Americans, a citation in the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, a profile in the Chicago Sun Times, American Hellenic Who's Who, and a reference in the Encyclopedia of Modern Greek Literature (Poetry).

He is also an acclaimed author. His
historical novel, Arcadia, My Arcadia, has received a number of awards, including a Homer Prize and a Gold Medal from the International Society of Greek Writers and a Special Prize from the prestigious Academy of Athens. By a unanimous decision of its members, the Ministry of Education also approved the Greek edition of the book for the country's school libraries. Kokonis is a published poet and also a columnist for Greek Press. HCS readers are invited to read a review of his book and view related materials posted by Hellenic Communication Service: "Arcadia, My Arcadia a Must-Read by Mary Papoutsy".

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