A Book Release for Living My Dream
by George C. Kyros

Title: Living My Dream
Author: George C. Kyros
Date of Publication:

Language: English
ISBN: 1425910173
Price: $19.99
Description: Ppbk 324pp
Availability: Can be purchased online from publisher (www.authorhouse.com), major distributor (www.amazon.com) or author (georgeckyros@ameritech.net).

Book Release

Living My Dream is a fascinating autobiography.

Living My Dream is a true-to-life story. The author takes us step-by-step through the events of his life from childhood in a tiny village of Greece to retirement in the USA. Occasionally, he allows us to take a peek at his personal philosophy regarding his ideas of God, truth, justice, science and our universe in general, and he introduces short but convincing arguments to support his philosophy. Most noticeable however is his candid recounting of poverty and hardships during his youth. At times, the story becomes incredible and we wonder if the conditions he describes existed indeed in the 1940s and 1950s when he grew up and attended high school, or at the time he attended college in Chicago.

The author lived through two civil wars in his native land and experienced the German occupation of his native country, events that left him with lasting memories of human brutality. He was the onlooker of death and destruction of material property at the time he was trying to receive his elemental and high school education.

Unable to obtain higher education in Greece, he migrated to the USA where he attended college. Without financial support and ignorant of the English language, he arrived in Chicago in 1959 where he learned the English language and received his BA diploma. He has been a member of the Food Technology Institute, recognized by Who’s Who in Business, and in addition to being a Chemist, he is a Packaging Engineer.

Living My Dream is truly a compelling story narrating the life of a young man who struggled to survive and receive his education under an unfavorable social climate in both Greece and the USA. His life story reflects his ambition to accomplish things in life. “Everything is possible, if you have the burning desire, provided your expectations from yourself are real”, he says. To say the least, his narrative makes us appreciate the freedoms, opportunities and conveniences that our democratic system provides to all of us, things we all take for granted. His book is a must-read story for everyone!

About the Author

George C. Kyros, the author of Living My Dream, is an alumnus of Roosevelt University in Chicago where he received his education in Chemistry. He worked all his professional life as Industrial Chemist and Packaging Engineer until his retirement in 2002. He currently lives with his wife in Westchester, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

(Posting date 22 May 2006 )

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