New Book Authored by Papoutsy:
Everything for the Children

(Rye Beach, NH)--Christos Papoutsy announces the release of his latest book, Everything for the Children. . . At the Expense of Whom? Years of experience in mediating legal disputes and as the former president of United States Arbitration and Mediation Company, gave the author a unique vantage point in human-family dynamics. Papoutsy often drew upon his executive experience and psychological training to resolve differences between opposing parties. Concurrent philanthropic activities at local and international levels led him to consider the meaning and value of legacies and heritage, often principal interests among Greek societies. Why do benefactors donate? What do they hope to achieve? And extending the discussion to the more personal setting of one's family, why do some parents toil endlessly to assist adult children? What legacy to they hope to leave their children? How do parents' efforts affect their children? The challenges and rewards that giving presents today for persons of Greek descent spurred his latest authorial work which focuses on the "Greek mother."

Everything for the Children delves into familial psychological dynamics. Papoutsy includes fourteen chapters designed for general readers, introducing relevant archetypes and psychological theories. Narcissicism figures prominently, with several chapters devoted to elucidation and recognition of this trait. Chapter Three contains a Narcissicistic Personality Inventory self-test for readers, for example.

Fathers also receive treatment in this work. Papoutsy writes about "Mentors and Fathers" and "Male Inhibitions and Mentoring" in Chapters Seven and Eight, balancing the earlier sections on mothers. Completing his writings on family interactions are subsequent chapters on "Family Inheritance: DNA-Tradition-Property," "Faith, Family and Parents," and "Fathers, Sons and Daughters."

One of the most interesting features of this book is the "Public Opinion Survey" of Chapter Ten. In this section, Papoutsy reproduces results from actual written responses submitted by Greeks and Greek-Americans. Participating respondents come from a diverse array of socio-economic backgrounds. Lawyers, housewives, farmers, teachers, and businesspeople alike offered thoughtful, insightful answers to the questions posed by Papoutsy. One respondent penned exquisite poetry in answer to the survey, lovingly summarizing the role of a mother.

Readers will easily conclude that family dynamics occupy a central role in Greek society after reading Everything for the Children. But what's more, Papoutsy's book will provide a starting point for an articulate, reflective evaluation of one's own family interactions. It aids in understanding the dynamics of these strong roles and helps young adults in navigating their attendant challenges. Take the test--where do you stand in your family dynamics?

Everything for the Children is the author's seventh book, available through (180 pages softcover, ISBN-13 978-14991-80367). Other works by Papoutsy are Ships of Mercy: the True Story of the Rescue of the Greeks, Smyrna; Ethics, CSR, and Sustainability;Suddent Outbreak of Reasoning (mediation); A Celebration of Greek Music in America; Ecumenical Patriarchate of Orthodox Christianity Under Siege: The Holy Theological School of Halki; The Dance of Zalongo.

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Christos Papoutsy (Papoutsis) was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, a second-generation Greek-American. His father was born in Vatoussa, Lesvos (Mytilene) and his mother’s family was from Asvestochori on the outskirts of Thessaloniki. He led a successful career as a business executive heading up a Fortune 500 company division, leading thousands of employees world-wide and developing his company into a global leader in the electronics industry. A business graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, Papoutsy undertook post-degree studies at Harvard University in law, mediation, and psychology. His alma mater awarded him an honorary Doctor of Laws degree in 1961. An active philanthropist in his local community and international circles, he holds the title of Archon of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Order of St. Andrew the Apostle, among many other awards and distinctions.

In addition to his authorial works, Christos Papoutsy has been a sought-after lecturer, speaking about his books on history, business, and ethics in Greek communities and at institutions in Europe and the U.S., including Oxford University and the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce in Athens.

(Posting date 26 April 2014)
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