Quite a few years back, while a high school student in Tsotyli, Greece, I couldn't speak the dialect of the Greeks who had lived for 3000 years at the Black Sea coastal area of Turkey, it was not too difficult to grasp the meaning. The theme was of a hurried journey...
Published by Hellenic College Press, Apollo's Legacy--The Hellenic Torch in America at the Dawn of the New Millennium aims to prove to the world that "great Hellenic accomplishments are not a thing of the distant past."
Carved in Stone
Basil S. Douros wrote CARVED IN STONE because he wants the story of his immigrant ancestors to never be forgotten. He wrote the book for his family but he also wrote it for all of us who are either immigrants or children of immigrants. And he wrote it for our children as well. Reviewed By Sophia Nibi

Holier Than Thou

Justine Frangouli-Argyris' The Lonely Path of Integrity, now available in an English translation, is the story of a Greek boy from Tarpon Springs -- an ordinary kid who liked soccer and motorcycles, and who grew up to be Spyridon, Archbishop of America. His father, a surgeon who was "Greek from head to toe," fervently hoped his son would undertake the priestly vocation he himself had desired.

Blood and Tears by Dr. George Papavizas

One summer for our vacation instead of flying from the States to Greece, my husband and our then two teenage daughters flew to Switzerland rented a car, and drove from Zurich to Italy. When we reached Brindizi we took the ferryboat to the island of Corfu, continued to Igoumenitsa, Epirus and then drove to Western Macedonia to reach our native village of Pentalofos, Kozani.

The Greek War of Independence

A few years ago I visited the Peleponnese for the first time. I walked on the grounds of holy and historic places I had only heard about, places such as Kalavryta and the Monastery of Aghia Lavra. Friends took me to Koroni on the southernmost tip of the western Peleponnese, where I had an experience I will never forget. I visited a Kryfo Scholio! (Somehow, "Secret School," while an accurate translation, does not evoke the same feelings).

Alex Spanos to Discuss His Book at Hellenic Museum

The Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center is pleased to welcome Alex Spanos, owner of the San Diego Chargers, entrepreneur and author of Sharing the Wealth: My Story on Tuesday, April 1, 2003. Visitors will have a chance to meet Mr. Spanos at a reception beginning at 6:30 p.m. prior to his presentation and book signing at 7:00 p.m.

Love and Profit. The Art of Caring Leadership

In business, it is no longer necessary to sacrifice integrity and peace of mind in favor of profits. Successful Fortune 500 executive James A. Autry effectively explodes the myth that “nice guys finish last” in what is perhaps the most practical, honest and humane management book ever written—an indispensable handbook that explores every aspect of the fine art of creative and caring leadership.

Tradition and Change

The Orthodox Church was once the force that transformed the world, attracing people from all walks of life to form a community of brothers and sisters in Christ. Today, one perceives the Church as an aging institution set in its ways, with an uninviting attitude, disdain for solving new problems and fearful of change.

Once Upon a Corporation: Leadership Insights From Short Stories

By Christos and Mary Papoutsy

Once Upon a Corporation: Leadership Insights from Short Stories is a set of 27 unusual, short fictions, drawn from today's work life to highlight leadership by managers and non-managers alike. The reader will find parodies of Kafka's and Mark Twain's stories that offer insights into management, satires on Machiavellianism that reveal uses and abuses of power, parables on unusual ways of leading, and Socratic dialogues on participation and productivity, among other fictions.

The Tenth Muse

By Robert Herschbach

The ancient Greek lyric poet Sappho enters the new millenium in two new translations -- one by an acclaimed contemporary poet and scholar, another by a distinguished classicist already well-known for his translations and performances of Homeric epic.

When Greek Business and Opera Merge, the Result is Greek Fire

By Christos and Mary Papoutsy

Just as Maria Callas' stage performances have forever transformed operatic art, so too has Gage's superb account of the love affair of Onassis and Callas permanently altered this literary genre by setting a new standard for biographical works.

Corelli's Mandolin

By Christos and Mary Papoutsy

What do readers find so compelling about this book? It's quite simple. Set against a backdrop of war and brutality, de Bernières masterfully develops a central love story.

Mixed Grill or Grab Bag?

By Dino Siotis

David Ricks presents English readers with a fine, relatively small representative sampling of Greece's 20th century poetry. The twenty three poets represent only a tiny fraction of the entire poetic output of Greece.