Brunilde Ridgway, Ph.D.

Brunilde Ridgway, an internationally noted Classicist and author, delivered a lecture for the John C. Rouman Classical Lecture Series at the University of New Hampshire: Laokoon: The Reading of a Masterpiece. HCS viewers can read and download this PDF file in the Classical World and Hellenic Studies webpages or under the Classics category of the Site Index (Archives).

Dr. Ridgway has taught at Bryn Mawr College for many years, serving as head of the archaeology department and supervising many theses and dissertations. The recipient of many academic honors and awards, she has authored more than one dozen authoritative texts and nearly 100 articles on Greek and Roman sculpture. One of her most recent works is Hellenistic Sculpture 2: The Styles of ca. 200-100 B.C.

Among her plethora of accomplishments she has been the recipient of the Pennsylvania Professor of the Year Award, a National Gold Medalist in the Professor of the Year Program, and the recipient of the prestigious Gold Medal from the Archaeological Institute of America for Distinguished Archaeological Achievement.

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