Business Ethics Summit â€' New York City, April 21, 2005
Agenda Will Explore Media Coverage of
Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics Issues
Business Ethics magazine today released the agenda for the first annual Business Ethics Summit, entitled, “Corporate Scandals, Corporate Responsibility and the Media: Who Should We Believe?”, to be held in New York City on Thursday, April 21, 2005. The Summit will focus on media coverage of corporate social responsibility and business ethics issues against the backdrop of continuing corporate scandals and rising interest in (and criticism of) corporate social responsibility.

Keynote Speaker: Paul Steiger, Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal.
Luncheon speaker: Lawrence Ingrassia, Business Editor of The New York Times.

Panel One
Media Coverage of Business Ethics: All Scandal All the Time?
This panel will examine whether the business media is ahead of or behind the curve when it comes to covering business ethics issues, whether it focuses too much on corporate scandals and errant CEOs to the detriment of more substantive reporting, and how it might better serve its audiences by integrating ethics and CSR concerns into its standard coverage.
  • Has the proliferation of new media outlets, new technology and a 24/7 media environment dramatically changed the way business stories are covered?
  • Is the business press too cynical, or is it right for media professionals to be skeptical of corporate public relations efforts given the media’s watchdog role?
Moderator: Joe Keefe, Senior Advisor, Strategic Social Policy, Calvert Group
Confirmed panelists: Matthew Winkler, Editor in Chief, Bloomberg News; Tim Smith, Senior Vice President, Walden Asset Management, and President, Social Investment Forum.

Panel Two
Corporate Communications, Corporate Spin: How the Ethics Scandals and CSR Spotlight Have Changed the Way Corporations Communicate
This panel will focus on how corporations communicate with key stakeholders in the wake of continuing corporate scandals and rising expectations that companies must adhere to higher standards of corporate governance and social responsibility. How have companies adapted, and where are corporate communications headed?
  • Has the increased scrutiny and skepticism of business practices post-Enron dramatically altered the way business ethics issues are covered?
  • Has the corporate social responsibility movement had an impact on the way business issues, and specifically business ethics issues, are covered in the media?
Moderator: James MacGregor, President, The Abernathy MacGregor Group
Confirmed panelists: Judith Dobrzynski, Executive Editor, CNBC Business News; Leslie Gaines-Ross, Chief Knowledge & Research Officer, Burson-Marsteller; David Frishkorn, Director of Business Ethics & Compliance Office, Xerox Corporation.

Panel Three
Looking Ahead: What are Next Year’s Business Ethics Headlines?
This interactive panel will examine where the CSR movement is headed, how corporate communications can be expected to change in response to rising expectations among stakeholders, and what role the business media can play in facilitating better public understanding of business ethics and CSR issues.
  • Should we expect wider coverage of CSR and business ethics issues, and will the public demand more substantive, less sensationalistic coverage?
  • How can corporations not only adhere to high ethical standards but also build trust among key stakeholder constituencies?
Moderator: John Weiser, Partner, Brody Weiser Burns
Confirmed panelists: Marc Gunther, Senior Writer, FORTUNE magazine, author, Faith and Fortune: The Quiet Revolution to Reform American Business; Marjorie Kelly, Editor, Business Ethics magazine, author, The Divine Right of Capital;

For more information about the Business Ethics Summit, including registration information, contact or call 612-879-0695.

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