Business Networking of Hellenes Abroad: Profitable Business Alliances and the 2004 Olympic Games
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Trade Mission to Greece

Organizing the Athens 2004 Olympic Games is a great challenge not only for Greece, but also for all Hellenes living abroad.

The Hellenic business community all over the world should answer this challenge by taking part in a series of events aimied at the systematic development of business co-operation schemes and the creation of Greek Business Networks worldwide.

Towards this purpose, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the assistance of SAE - World Council of Hellenes Abroad - and SEVE - the Exporters' Association of Northern Greece - invites the Greek Business World to take part in two days of business meetings in Thessaloniki. The meetings will be held on November 15 and 16, 2003 at the HELEXPO exhibition centre.

The main purpose of the event is the pre-arranged contacts between the Greek Business World all over the world, Greek companies and companies from the Balkan area and the rest of Europe from the following sectors of activity:

-- Food
-- Tourism
-- Construction/Building Materials & High Technology

Three Good Reasons To Participate

1. Presentation of possibilities and opportunities for the Greek Economy as a result of the 2004 Olympics, and the chances of co-operation in the wider area of Southeast Europe

2. Promotion of commercial agreements between the Hellenic Business Community all over the world and companies in Greece aiming at the attainment of special co-operation schemes in each branch. Individual prearranged meettings.

3. The Balkan and Black Sea Partnership in Thessaloniki, which will be held on November 17 and 18, 2003, is an excellent opportunity for everbody wishing to do busieness in Southeast Europe.

Concrete cooperation proposals under:

For each and every participating host company, pre-arranged meetings will be organized with Greek companies and companies from all over the world according to their profiles and desired co-operation. The companies could also arrange further meetings during the event in order to exchange opinions and create strategic alliances. The event is already being promoted throughout Europe, as well as other countries worldwide, through a network of Organisations - National Counsellors, who have undertaken the task of promoting the event in their countries and identifying and attracting the most appropriate visitor companies.





For further information and registration forms, please visit
Or contact: Mr. Thomas Ghitopoulos - SAE Thessaloniki -2 Komotinis str.,
Thessaloniki, ΤEL: +30-2310-411.955, Fax : +30-2310-411.886

Mrs May Demertzi - SEVE - 1, Morihovou Square, Thessaloniki
ΤEL.: +30-2310-535.333, Fax: +30-2310-543.232

Or the organisations mentioned below:

George Dimitrakopoulos, Head of SAE Business Network,
Mr. Travel, 398 Danforth Ave, M4K 1P3, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone number: +14164612424, e-mail:

Charles Marangoudakis,
59-45 56th Avenue, Maspeth, NY 11378, USA
Phone number: +17184162601
Fax:+17184162351 e-mail:

Spiros Garyfallis
1171 61st Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11219, USA
Phone number: +718-8512300
FAX: 718-8512230 e-mail:

DHW, Fedon Cotsambopoulos,
Zentrale Gothaer Alee 2, D-50969, Koln, Germany
Phone number: +49 22193655742 e-mail:
Fax:+49 22193655749

Stefanos Tambakis, 69 Alexander the Great str, Chatby Alexandria, Egypt
Phone Number: +2303 4864969 e-mail:
Fax: +2034863843

Vasilios Magdalinos,
Vice President SAE, P.O.BOX 167440, Brackendowns 1454, South Africa,
Phone Number +27 11 9074930
Fax: +27 11 8698690 e-mail:

Consulate General Of Greece In Sydney, Economic And Commercial Affairs
902/28 Margaret Street , Sydney 2000 NSW, AUSTRALIA
Phone number: +02 9262-4500

Paul Afkos, PO Box 589, Balcatta 6021, Western Australia
Phone number: (61 8) 9345 4333
Fax: (61 8) 9345 4167


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is an initiative of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs organised with the
assistance of SAE - World Council of Hellenes Abroad - and SEVE - the
Exporters' Association of Northern Greece