The Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics at Southern New Hampshire University Presented
U.S. Ambassadors Defending the U.S. Business Image Abroad

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On November 9, 2006, The Christos and Mary Papoutsy Chair in Ethics at Southern New Hampshire University hosted a forum titled: "Defending the U.S. Business Abroad in the Midst of Scandals at Home."

Myron Kandell, founding financial editor and former economic commentator for CNN for 25 years and Director of "The Initiative of Corporate Responsibility and Investor Program."

From Left to (R) Dr. Annabel Beerel, Myron Kandell
Dr. Annabel Beerel, Chairholder, opened the forum by welcoming the panelist and audience and provided background to the Chair's mission and the effect corporate scandal in the U.S. have had on the globalization business community.

Myron Kandell acted as moderator with U.S. Ambassadors and Diplomats: Elizabeth Jones; Assistant Secretary of State, Europe and Eurasia, Cynthia Schneider, Ambassador to the Netherlands, and Carl Spillover, chairman, International Advisory Board of the Financial Times.

These ambassadors from around the world discussed each of their experiences of dealing with communities in other countries when corporate scandals were breaking in the United States.

An audience made up of, President Paul LeBlanc, VP Curtis Smith, students, Southern New Hampshire University trustees, advisory board members and various representatives from the community heard an inspirational patriotic message delivered by each panelist describing the great work and deeds they did while serving as U.S. ambassadors in various parts of the world. Stories were relayed regarding their efforts to assist many of these countries in establishing ethical

From Left to (R) Myron Kandell, Cynthia Schneider, Carl
Spielvogel, Elizabeth Jones

standards, philanthropic philosophies, methods and techniques in which their countries could benefit from calling upon the U.S. for academic, medical and leadership assistance.

The panelist were challenged by the moderator, Myron Kandell, on numerous issues dealing with globalization, and the reaction they encountered from reading and listening to the daily accounts of corporate scandal in the U.S.

One of the panelist indicated that these highly publicized U.S. scandals had a positive effect on these countries by seeking ways in which they could eliminate or reduce similar corruption and scandals in their countries. As an example, a couple of these countries requested assistance in establishing a Sarbanes-Oxley Act tailored for their own countries.

One of the most inspiring features garnered from all of the panelist was the excellence they demonstrated as ambassadors representing the U.S. in the highest tradition of non-partisan, professional diplomats.

From Left to (R), Mary Papoutsy, Cynthia Schneider, Chris
Papoutsy, Dr. Annabel Beerel, Myron Kandell, Carl
Spielvogel, Elizabeth Jones

Following the forum, a reception followed at Southern New Hampshire University Walker Auditorium.

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(Posting date 6 December 2006)

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