London's Royal Academy of Arts Releases New CD Recording
by Cappella Romana for its Mega-Exhibition "Byzantium 330-1453"

25 October 2008 — PORTLAND, Ore, USA; London, United Kingdom — Cappella Romana announces the release of its 11th recording, the official companion CD commissioned for the exhibition, "Byzantium: 330-1452," at London’s Royal Academy of Arts, on display from October 25, 2008 to March 22, 2009.

The Royal Academy calls this new CD “A glorious collection of choral music which traces the rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire, all sung by the world’s leading performers of Byzantine chant, Cappella Romana.” The ensemble’s first museum exhibition CD, Music of Byzantium, commissioned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2004, sold 12,000 copies.

The new CD, Cappella Romana’s third release in 2008, is a compilation of earlier recordings. It features tracks from Epiphany, Cappella Romana’s first full-length recording of Medieval Byzantine chant, as well as from the CD titles The Fall of Constantinople, Byzantium in Rome, and Music of Byzantium.

Exhibition catalogue
available through RA's website
The disc will initially be available in the UK and Europe exclusively through the Royal Academy. Beginning in November 2008, the title will be distributed and sold in North America through Cappella Romana by special arrangement with the Royal Academy.

The Royal Academy of Arts in London is the fourth major world museum to have engaged Cappella Romana for its expertise in Medieval Byzantine Chant, joining the following three institutions:

The Metropolitan Museum in New York ("Byzantium: Faith and Power," 2004; with CD selling 12,000 copies)

The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles ("Byzantium and the West," 2004 and Icons from Sinai, 2006)

The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. ("In the Beginning: Bibles before the Year 1000," 2006)

The first evening lecture of “Byzantium: 300-1453” will be given by Dr. Alexander Lingas, Cappella Romana’s founder and artistic director, on 7 November. Titled “The Heavenly Liturgy: Byzantine Psalmody to 1453, ” it will be enhanced by sung demonstrations by Dr. Lingas, Cappella singer John Michael Boyer, and three cantors from Hagia Sophia Cathedral, London.

"A glorious collection of choral music which traces the
rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire, all sung by the
world's leading performers of Byzantine chant,
Cappella Romana"--London Academy of Arts.
Available through RA's website

The Royal Academy’s exhibition has received major press coverage in the UK and throughout the world, including a review and photo essay in Time magazine (Fri., 24 Oct. 2008). For more information, visit the museum's website at the URL

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