Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries

Project Overview

Educational travel programs focusing on Crete’s culture, agriculture and cuisine

Location: Adele, Crete near Rethymnon on the north-central coast
Dates: 5-day seasonal programs from April through December ($1,600/ground)
Annual 10-day intensive program, May 17-26, 2005 ($3,200/ground)
Organizers: Nikki Rose, pro chef, writer and established seminar organizer (also a Greek-American who lived in Crete for 4 years and now divides her time between the U.S. and Crete)
Kostas Bouyouris, agronomist and co-founder of the Mediterranean Association for Soil Health, a non-profit organization based in Crete
Teachers: Residents of Crete, including members of academic institutions, associations, agricultural cooperatives and individuals with expertise in topics we cover
Objective: To rekindle visitor interest in Crete’s culture and natural beauty, while simultaneously supporting local groups actively working toward that goal, to help curb the destruction of the island from over-development and mass tourism
Attendee Benefits:
  • A unique opportunity to learn about Crete’s rich history and culture through the voices of residents. Experts who will guide visitors to ancient sites and remote areas that would be difficult or impossible to visit or truly experience without respected local guides
  • Extensive organic gardening and healthy cooking techniques.
  • Cultural immersion – to be a participant rather than an observer of local life
  • Discover Crete’s natural beauty, flora and fauna during low-to-medium level mountain treks. Participate in optional outdoor sports such as rock climbing, paragliding and trekking along Crete’s major gorges
Attendee Profile:
  • Travel, Hospitality, Healthcare and Culinary-Retail Industry Professionals and the Representative Media. Our programs are approved by the American Culinary Federation, which confirms our high-standard of programs.
  • Professional and Student Farmers
  • Active Culture, Nature, Gardening and Food Enthusiasts. Because our programs incorporate archeology, culture, eco and agrotourism, we can link these markets
  • Programs can be tailored to specific groups, but a diverse group can encourage exchange of ideas.
Alliances: The Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries project is sustainable tourism in ACTION. We are well-versed in sustainable tourism guidelines and instinctively surpass general directives on ecotourism and agrotourism, based on our “on-the-ground” knowledge of the issues. We are members of ECOCLUB, Sustainable Travel International, Organic Consumers Association, Responsible Travel, The American Culinary Federation and Slow Food, et al. Nikki Rose has published over 20 articles to date in Slow Food.
A companion book and documentary that mirrors our projects in Crete are forthcoming
Major Marketing: National Public Radio Auction, Presentations and Booth at the upcoming Adventures in Travel Expos in Chicago, New York and Washington, DC

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