Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral of New England to Hold Centennial Anniversary Luncheon

Fay Andreadis
Annette Kaselis

BOSTON -- Continuing a yearlong celebration of its centennial anniversary, the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral of New England in Boston has been busy planning the Centennial Anniversary Luncheon, a nostalgic afternoon
designed to honor the church's youth.

The luncheon, co-chaired by Fay Andreadis and Annette Kaselis, will take place Sunday, October 19th at the Sheraton Boston Hotel following the Divine Liturgy. The luncheon follows the successful Centennial Banquet that drew over 400 people to the John F. Kennedy Library in June.

At the luncheon, present and former parishioners who have participated in the church's youth activities and organizations will have the opportunity to reminisce about their experiences participating in Sunday School, Greek School, GOYA, Sunday Evening Vespers, choir, various sports teams and other youth groups. A video including vintage photographs of longtime parishioners and depicting life at the Cathedral will be a chief highlight of the afternoon.

"This will be the perfect opportunity to remember all of the wonderful youth programs that the Cathedral has offered, and continues to offer, to thousands of Greek adolescents and teenagers," said Andreadis, co-chair of the centennial luncheon committee.

"Growing up as a child, I remember attending Greek School and I treasure all of the experiences and memories from that stage of my life. Later as a mother of three children, I remember sending them to Greek School, Sunday School and GOYA. My children value those experiences and it is those types of memories that we will be reminiscing about on October 19th, " said Kaselis, also a co-chai

r of the centennial luncheon committee.

Among the invited guests will be Archbishop Iakovos, Archbishop Demetrios, his Eminence Metropolitan Methodios, and other church leaders. The Masters of ceremonies will be the husband and wife team of Bess and Chris Pappas.

In addition to Kaselis and Andreadis, other committee members include: Kalli and Bob Badavas; Mary Critikos; Simone Dodge; Kay Geanakakis; Aglaia Georgountzos; Christopher Gussis; Mary Hatzis; Ann Jeas; Chrissa Kaselis; Popy Koshivos; George Niakoros; Dora Orphanos; John Orphanos; Bess Pappas; Chris Pappas; Mary Perdikes; and Flora Vekiarides.

For directions or further information about the luncheon, please contact the Cathedral office 617-731-6633.