Cephalonian Association "AENOS" Presents
3rd AnnualScholarships

NEW YORK--Greece is a land coveted by foreign powers for ages. The islands and mainland are surrounded by water bodies such as the Ionian and Mediterranean seas. Every area has a distinct culture and way of life. Cephalonia, with its magical beaches and newly constructed villas by Greeks who immigrated overseas, is an island that welcomes all. The islanders are generous and hospitable.

This generosity is seen in New York City through the oldest island organization: the Cephalonian Association AENOS N.Y. On Thursday, May 11th, AENOS awarded three scholarships amounting to $1,500 to three St. John's University students of the Modern Greek Language and Literature Program. President Vasilios Kokkosis granted the awards to Fereniki Konstantatos, Polly Nikolovienis and Harilaos Thomatos.

"This is the first time we are awarding three students of Cephalonian background," said Mr. Kokkosis. "Fereniki and Polly are from my home time of Pirgi." Prominent persons present included Gerasimos Minetos, public relations liaison, and AENOS administrator Anna Papasavva. Flowers were presented to Catherine Tsounis of the St. John's Modern Greek Language and Literature program. A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to the Cephalonian Association AENOS by Harilaos Thomatos for the organization's contribution to Hellenism at St. John's University. A lavish Greek buffet dinner was prepared by the scholars and AENOS.

Third Annual Cephalonian Association AENOS
Award Ceremony for the Modern Greek language and
Literature Program of St. John's University: (left to right)
Gerasimos Minetos; scholar HarilaosThomatos;
AENOS President Vasilios Kokkosis; scholar Polly
Nikolovienis; scholar Fereniki Konstantatos and
administrator Anna Papasavva (sitting).

Nikolaos Vartholomatos, who is 86 years old,, is devoted to the Center. "It is my home that I love and cherish.," he said. "I come here everyday to help. I have donated my services to AENOS since I arrived in 1947 America." The non-profit organization has awarded $4,500 during the past three years to outstanding students of the Modern Greek Language and Literature Program.

Members of the AENOS organization

(Posting date 23 May 2006. Revised 14 August 2006.)

The Cephalonian Association Aenos NY Center is located at 23-17 29th Street, Suite #1 Astoria N.Y. 11105. For further information, please call 718 726-1840, fax: # 718 726-1840 or e-mail: assnaenos@cephalonia.com.

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