Changes to Controversial 6th-grade
History Textbook Completed

ATHENS 08/03/2007 (ANA­MPA)-Education Minister Marietta Yiannakou on Thursday announced that the changes to the controversial primary school textbook, whose content had been seemed to give pupils an inaccurate insight into Greek history, have been completed. The 6th grade textbook is on its way to the printers and will be distributed to the pupils in September with the start of the new school year.

Yiannakou did not refer to the number of changes incorporated and stressed that all modifications suggested by the Pedagogical Institute, the Athens Academy and teachers have been made.

The minister stressed that what matters is the accurate presentation of historical truth, adding that the team of the textbook authors agree with the alterations made.

Yiannakou noted that the ministry of education did not resort to hasty moves amidst the last school year and managed to prevent the book from being withdrawn, while adding that the book will be replaced if negative reactions continue during the new school year.

Responding to a question by members of the press, Yiannakou stated that the description of thousands of Greeks jostling one another to board refugee boats in Asia Minor has been changed and pupils will be encouraged to read other books as well for additional information.

(Posting date 13 August 2007)

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