Chryssis Scholarships Awarded at Northeastern University's
College of Engineering

George Kousaros-Bran, a recent recipient of the
George C. Chryssis Scholarship”, with the donor.

BOSTON – Northeastern University’s College of Engineering held its Engineering Scholarship luncheon recently on campus, an event designed to bring together alumni, who have established scholarships at the University, and current recipients of the awards.

Dr. Allen L. Soyster, Dean of the College of Engineering, said that “these scholarships are very important to Northeastern University and the students. First it allows the university to attract and retain quality students, and second it lessens the financial burden of the students during their studies and after graduation.”

The recent event also marked the 15th consecutive year that the “George C. Chryssis Scholarship” awarded grants to qualified Greek-American students.

George C. Chryssis, a graduate of Northeastern University and currently a member of its Board of Trustees, established the eponymous endowed scholarship with a substantial capital gift in 1990, in appreciation of the opportunities that a Northeastern education afforded him.

Since then, forty five Greek-American engineering students have received an aggregate amount of $123,000 in scholarship awards.

’s a small way of giving back to both my Alma Mater and the community, and at the same time thank God for all his blessings”, said George. “It gives me great satisfaction to see our Hellenic youth receive a coveted Northeastern education and subsequently become productive members of our community, the society, and their profession. My hope is that more Greek-American students will become aware of this scholarship, apply for it and eventually benefit from receiving it.”

Chryssis, a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and avid supporter of education and the arts, has established similar scholarships at Wentworth Institute of Technology and the Pancretan Association of America.

(Posted 11 March 2006)

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