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Athens' European Consumer Centre is aimed at helping consumers exercise their rights when shopping across borders.

Citizens are urged to learn about their rights when buying goods or services across borders within the EU's internal market. The Athens centre's job is to help Greek consumers enjoy the full benefits of the EU's internal market. It is part of the so-called Euroguichet network of consumer advice offices across Europe.

The Athens office is hosted by the Greek Consumer Institute (INKA) and jointly funded by the European Commission, the Central Bank of Greece and the development ministry.

Information is available in both Greek and English. The centre is also open to EU citizens visiting Greece who feel they have been swindled, ripped off or bamboozled, and to people living in Greece who feel they have been scammed by businesses in other EU member states.

The most common complaints involving purchases concern price hikes, faulty or defective products, inaccurate, misleading or deceiving advertisements and below-standard services as well as instances of exploitation. Poor-quality services include food, public transport and taxis. Another frequent gripe involves instances where consumers have not received products they have purchased through the mail from other EU countries. Europeans vacationing in Greece often complain about travel and accommodation services that are not up to par.

The European Consumer Centre is open to all consumers, not only to investigate complaints but also to provide people with information about their rights as consumers in Greece and in the European Union.

If a consumer lives in Greece and has a dispute with a retailer or business in another European country, they may seek assistance at the centre. If the consumer lives in another member state and has a dispute with a retailer in Greece, they may seek retribution through the European Consumer Centre in their home country.

However, if a consumer living in Greece has a complaint against a Greek retailer, they should ring INKA's toll-free hotline 11721 or 2103632443 or fax 210 363 3976. Information is also available online

( while a new website will soon provide information about consumer rights in Europe.

The European Consumer Centre is located in downtown Athens at 7 Academias St (8th floor).

Disgruntled consumers in Greece may also turn to Consumer Organisation EKPIZO. The group's head office is located at 43-45 Valtetsiou St in Athens. For more information ring 210 330 4444.

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