Come Receive the Light Monthly Program Schedule for April 2005

April 2, 2005
Topic: The Difference between Fasting and Dieting
Guest: Fr. Patrick Irish

It's time to face food. Each year as the Lenten fast approaches many people begin to think about food: What do we eat? When do we eat it? How do we prepare it and why do we need to fast anyway? Is this was the Lenten fast is all about?

The focus on food brings an important issue to the forefront for many in America today. Dieting has reached an all time high and people have become obsessed with the consumption of food. Food Glorious Food!
Fr. Irish candidly speaks with Fr. Chris and Emmy about the inner and outward struggles he has battled with. At the age of 10 he was 200 lbs. by 33 he was 300 lbs and by the time he reached his 40's he was over the 400lb. mark. Join us to learn more about the hard decisions Fr. Irish had to make about his weight and how he lost it, the continuing struggles he faces daily and how Christ's Everlasting Grace must be at the center of each and every struggle.

April 9, 2005
Topic: The Difference between Fasting and Dieting II
Guest: Fr. Patrick Irish

Be sure to join us for the second part of our conversation with Fr. Patrick Irish, as one session was just not enough! Learn how the inappropriate use of food can have cosmic implications. Gluttony has long been considered one of the seven deadly sins. The results of gluttony have physical implications and spiritual ones.

'Fasting is a scalpel for the soul and begins with change in the body and mind.
Dieting says I am wonderful as I am; I just need to change the outside." To better understand why we fast, we must first know where it comes from and why it's embedded in our Orthodox Christian faith!

April 16, 2005

Topic: The Messiah: Waiting or Arrived
Guest: Rev. Dr. Eugen Pentiuc

Fr. Pentiuc joins Fr. Chris and Emmy to discuss his soon to be released book entitled Jesus the Messiah in the Hebrew Bible. Although most books of similar discussions begin with the time of David, Fr. Pentiuc has taken a more anthological approach and started with Adam. Join us to learn the significance of this and many more signs that foretold of the arrival of the Messiah. And why it is that Christians accept the foretelling and recognize the prophecies of the Old Testament and the Jewish people do not.

April 23, 2005
Topic: Six Months to Live
Guest: Dr. Albert Rossi

The reality of death has been presented to you.what do you do now? We all know that life is terminal, but we do not live it as such. We live our lives as though we will live on this earth forever. Fr. Chris and Emmy are pleased to welcome a return guest to the program to give, not only professional advice, but a personal perspective on how to deal with the news of, 'You have six months to live". Dr. Albert Rossi speaks with us about the theoretical and practical realities of dealing with death and what that means to us as Orthodox Christians.

April 30, 2005
Topic: The Glory of the Resurrection
Guest: Fr. Chris Metropulos

Join Fr. Chris as he delivers his Paschal Sermon on the Glory of the Resurrection. Be sure to tune in for a spiritually uplifting message with Fr. Chris explaining the importance and significance of the glorious feast of Pascha and the meaning that the Resurrection of Christ holds for mankind. May you all have a joyous and blessed Pascha! Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!