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Month of August 2006

08/05/06 Topic: Beginner’s Guide to Prayer
Guests: Fr. Michael Keiser

Have you ever struggled with your prayer life? Have you ever wondered how to make your prayer life meaningful? Be sure to listen when Fr. Chris and Emmy speak to Fr. Michael Keiser, author of A Beginner’s Guide to Prayer, the Orthodox Way to Draw Closer to God, as he will focus on making prayer a meaningful and regular part of our daily lives.

08/12/06 Topic: An Effective Prayer Life
Guests: Fr. Roman Braga

Fr. Roman Braga returns to our program with a conversation on the importance of effective prayer. You will be surprised to learn that prayer is not necessarily formulated but rather spontaneous. Fr. Braga brings insight through his own life experience with the power of prayer. Above all prayer is a way to re-establish a connection with God. Be sure to tune in to a spiritually uplifting program.

08/19/06 Topic: Numbers and Symbolism in the Book of Revelation
Guests: Rev. Paul Tarazi

The Book of Revelations has always had mystical and mysterious aurora about it relating to the end of times. Fr. Chris and Emmy speak with Fr. Paul Tarazi who eloquently clarifies and demystifies the book, describing it as letters written by St. John to a specific community. Be sure to tune in as Fr. Paul explains the structure, use of symbols and numbers, and the visions of God and Christ in the Book of Revelations.

08/26/06 Topic: Same Sex Attraction Today
Guests: Fr. Thomas Hopko

What is the interpretation of the Orthodox Christian Church on the issue of same sex marriage? Be sure to join Fr. Chris and Emmy when they speak to Fr. Thomas Hopko who will delve into this sensitive issue from a pastoral approach and help define human identity verses sexual fulfillment.

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