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July 2005

07/02/2005 Topic: Guidance before College

Guests: Fr. Timothy Sas and Presvytera Karen Chininis

What can we do to prepare our children for the challenges they will socially face in college? Prospective college student’s focus on study habits, class attendance, and note taking for academic success, but what are we doing to prepare them for the social realities of campus life while continuing to incorporate their Orthodox beliefs and faith? Join Fr. Chris and Emmy as they speak with Fr. Timothy Sas, Executive Director of Orthodox Christian Fellowship, and Presvytera Karen Chininis, high school guidance counselor to learn more about preparing our children before they leave for college

07/09/2005 Topic: Purity of Heart in a Sex Saturated Society

Guest: Dr. Albert Rossi

Sex sells! Let’s talk about it! Be sure to join Fr. Chris and Emmy when they speak to Dr. Albert Rossi, when he shares his thoughts on how to maintain a pure heart in God’s eyes when living in a time when sex sells everything from chocolate bars to automobiles. Dr Rossi teaches courses in pastoral theology at Saint Vladimir’s Seminary. He is a member of the SCOBA Commission on Contemporary Social and Moral Issues. Dr. Rossi has authored numerous articles on psychology and religion including “Can I Make a Difference: Christian Family Life Today”

07/16/2005 Topic: Sacred Space and Architecture

Guest: Chris Kamages

What do you see when you look inside an Orthodox Christian Church just four walls? On the contrary, you are experiencing the beauty of sacred space that is very special and majestic. Architect, Chris Kamages of San Francisco who specializes in designing and building Orthodox churches joins Fr. Chris and Emmy explaining the beauty and the symbolism that lies within the Orthodox Christian Church. This week’s program will surely educate us all on the detailed structure and architecture of the Orthodox Christian Church and the importance of every little detail.

07/23/2005 Topic: The Difference between Fasting and Dieting

Guest: Fr. Patrick Irish

Each year as the Lenten fast approaches many people begin to think about food: What do we eat? When do we eat it? How do we prepare it and why do we need to fast anyway? Is this what the Lenten fast is all about? The focus on food brings an important issue to the forefront for many in America today as dieting has reached an all time high and people have become obsessed with the consumption of food.

Fr. Patrick Irish candidly speaks with Fr. Chris and Emmy about the inner and outward struggles he has battled. At the age of 10, he was 200 lbs. by 33 he was 300 lbs and by the time, he reached his 40’s he was over the 400lb. mark. Join us to learn more about the hard decisions Fr. Patrick had to make about his weight and how he lost it, the continuing struggles he faces daily and how Christ’s Everlasting Grace must be at the center of each and every struggle.

07/30/2005 Topic: The Papacy

Guest: Dr. Aristeides Papadakis

To better understand the view of the Papacy from an Orthodox perspective, you must first understand the schism. Join us when we speak with Dr. Aristeides Papadakis, author of The Christian East and the Rise of the Papacy for a discussion on the differences between the western and eastern views on authority and much more.

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