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Month of March 2005

03/04/06 Topic: First Fruits: A Forty-Day Journey through the Canon of St. Andrew
Guest: Frederica Mathewes-Green

As we are preparing for the beginning of the Lenten Season, we welcome back Frederica Mathewes-Green, a skilled interpreter of the theology and history of the Orthodox Christian tradition, to discuss her latest book, First Fruits: A Forty-Day Journey through the Canon of St. Andrew. This book offers readers an opportunity to walk through a classic text from the Christian East in a series of forty prayerful readings with accompanying commentary and questions for further reflection. Be sure to join us for an intriguing conversation discussing Frederica Mathewes-Green’s latest book.

03/11/06 Topic: Be Still and Know that I am God
Guest: Dr. Albert Rossi

In today’s world of high speed internet, instant messaging and cell phone communication, it’s hard to say, “take time out to be quiet…spend time reading the Bible…and listen for the voice of God in your daily life. Many fall into the trap of wanting instant gratification and get discouraged when they do not hear from God in their time. Be sure to join us when we speak to a return guest, Dr. Albert Rossi, about slowing down and what are some practical ways of how to know that “In quietness and rest there is salvation.”

03/18/06 Topic: A Teenager’s Search for Meaning
Guest: Marjorie Corbman

Seventeen-year-old Marjorie Corbman searched and yearned for God, love and identity most of her teenage years. Now she teaches the rest of us something about faith in her new book “A Tiny Step Away from Deepest Faith: A Teenager's Search for Meaning”. Marjorie recounts her own experiences as well as those of many of her friends, dismantling with remarkable transparency and grace the misconceptions surrounding today's teenagers. Marjorie joins Fr. Chris and Emmy to share her personal experience of her search for meaning and her walk into the Orthodox Christian Faith.

03/25/06 Topic: Mission Minded Parish
Guest: Fr. Luke Veronis

No matter where we live in the United States, or how well established our parish is, we are all missionaries of Christ. Still, 57% of Americans have not been to church in the last six months. What can faith communities do to bring them back? Be sure to join us as we speak with Fr. Luke Veronis, a Missionary priest for over 12 years living in Albania and Africa. He is back in the United States teaching at Holy Cross and St. Vladimir Seminaries on The Mission Minded Parish.

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