Come Receive the Light
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May 2005 Schedule

Schedule of Programs for May 2005

05/07/2005 Topic: Raising Children to be Believers

Guest: Fr. Peter Gillquist

In this day of media saturation, parents compete for their children's attention against multi million dollars ad campaigns and programs. One of the greatest struggles we face in the world today is preserving our children in the Orthodox Faith. Join Fr. Chris and Emmy when they speak to Fr. Peter Gillquist, who will share his five steps to build a family in Christ.

05/14/2005 Topic: What role does the Orthodox Church play in the media?

Guest: Rev. Deacon George Taweel

Does the Orthodox Christian Faith have a voice in contemporary America? Is it using media to its fullest potential? Rev. Deacon George Taweel, founder of TLC Entertainment joins Fr. Chris and Emmy as he speaks about the strengths and potential of media use, and how it can help translate the faith into a language the common people can understand. This is surely to be an informative program of how we can actually use media to share with the world the faith and teachings of the Orthodox Christian Church.

05/21/2005 Topic: Saints & Sanctity in the age of the Simpsons

Guest: Dr. Peter Bouteneff

'How do we develop an attitude of excellence in a sea of mediocrity? We are called to be Saints!" Join Dr. Peter Bouteneff, Professor at St. Vladimir's Theological Seminary to hear a discussion on a pop cultural phenomenon in the satirical Simpsons program. Dr. Bouteneff focuses on how the Simpsons, making fun of shallow theology, can help the rest of us focus on a sober, mature faith. The time has come to praise the sanctity of holiness. Be sure to tune in to a very interesting, lighthearted program.

05/28/2005 Topic: Orthodox Treasured Traditions

Guest: Presbytera Mary Paloumpis Hallick, Ed. D

Have you ever wonder where we get certain traditions and customs in the Orthodox Christian faith? Why do we break eggs after the Resurrection service? What is the evil eye? Why do we use Koliva for the memorial services? Be sure to join Presbytera Mary Hallich, author of Treasured Traditions and Customs of the Orthodox Church when she shares her insight and knowledge of different traditions and customs within the various Orthodox Christian Churches.

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