Innovative services for the Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility

The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) is proud to offer innovative and pioneering services in Corporate Social Responsibility, which aim at an integrated and practical approach, offering maximization of added value not only for all your stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, society, shareholders) but also for your company reputation.

More specifically, CSE is among the first organizations in Europe, which has both the necessary experience and has systematically offered integrated services on Corporate Social Responsibility, counting among its customers some of the largest organizations in Europe such as Lloyds TSB, Lafarge & Mc Cain.

The services offered by CSE include :

  • CSR/Sustainability Reporting, based on best practices and international standards (GRI, EFQM, etc)
  • Executive Training in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability.
  • Workshop on Self-Assessment and the Formation of CSR Strategy
  • Continuous support in the creation and publication of CSR/ Sustainability Reports and Evaluation of the impact of relevant programmes/actions
  • Social Audits & Authentication of CSR /Sustainability Reports

Centre for Sustainability & Excellence (CSE) Profile

CSE is the outcome of the cooperation between specialized experts and acknowledged scientists, who deal with, apply and provide support in the most advance management methodologies. It is a partner of the QMS European Network, one of the most reliable networks, specialising in business consulting, with a clientele including some of the largest and most important organizations in Europe. Through its network of partners CSE offers coaching in a vast array of services related to contemporary, innovative management methodologies (Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance, Performance and Stakeholder value management through well-known methodologies such as the EFQM Model & Balanced Scorecard , Executive Training etc) thus promoting Sustainability and Business Excellence .

At the same time CSE acts as a think-tank, through the participation of academics and executives from all over Europe. Its founding members cooperate with major international organisations, such as the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management), EBEN (European Business Ethics Network), Eurovisioning & European Commission in order to establish and promote innovative business tools and solutions. In addition it serves as a point of reference , through surveys and other similar activities aiming at real and sustainable development.

CSE partners co-operate with top companies among which BP, DELL, TNT, Mc Cain, Eurobank Ergasias, Famar, Piraeus Bank, Bank of Cyprus, Infoquest and many others.

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