Seminar on Greek Traditional
Dances in Crete
5-16 August 2006

A Seminar on Greek Traditional Dances, 5-16/8/2006 will be organized in Crete (village Almyrida-Chania),and we propose you to join it and enjoy traditional Cretan life, dancing lessons with 6 teachers and holidays !!! Our previous experience on organizing such seminars and your own demands, oblige us to organize the 2006 seminar in a village, where we'll have the chance to live with Cretans, stay in a very good hotel, on the beach and have workshops with some of the best choreographers, who have done great research in their field of expertise !

Pedagogy: 38-40 hrs dancing lessons (most hrs in the morning in A/Ced conference room) from CRETE, GREEK ISLANDS by Mary Markaki, Yiannis Megalakakis, Spiros Stratas, PONTOS by Nikos Zournatzides, ASIA MINOR (Cappadocia, Erithrea, Kato Panagia…) and MACEDONIA-DRAMA ('Dopia") by Alexandros Karatzoglou, MACEDONIA Gen. and SERRES by Vassilis Terzis. A Briefing on the traditional dances, songs/music, costumes, customs etc. will be given by each choreographer about his field. Also, we'll give emphasis to male and female 'solos", style and we'll work on figures in dances like Balos, Gaida, Serra,etc

Activities: A daily excursion, visit of other villages, 'panegyria"(local festivities), parties with musicians and games on the beach will be organized. Also, you'll have a few free mornings & evenings to do whatever you like.

Registration Deadline: Until 1st of May 2006. Beware, August in Crete/Greece is the favorite month for everybody, so book flights / boat tickets before May, as then it will be difficult to find those you prefer.

For registration, details on transportation & activities, agenda &, please call Ms. Mary Markaki, Tel.+30-6944-330 486/+30-210-77 86 625 OR e-mail at:

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