As a young boy, Danny Katsarakes would sneak into his grandfather's coffee house. There he would sit with the old timers and listen to the Greek folk songs and music of his heritage. He loved the sound of the music and began to imitate the complex beats on a hand drum given to him by his parents. After teaching himself to play the drums, he then teamed to play the dumbeg like a seasoned musician. Coming from a musical and theatrical family, it was no surprise that he was also a natural vocalist with a great ear for harmony. His performing career began in 1959 when he, along with his brother, George, and friends John Marco Apostolides and Peter Katsoulas created the internationallyknown band, The Levendes. They played together for 32 years, performing for thousands of people, including political dignitaries and film stars. With his exciting and stimulating rhythms, Danny is truly one of the greatest Greek drummers of his time.

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