Society of (de)kata Celebrates World Poetry Day with Slate of Events in March 2011

The Society of (de)kata celebrates World Poetry Day this year with three different events in Athens, Greece, to which the public is warmly invited:

18 March 2011, Friday, 7:30pm, at Cafe Dasein on Solomou 12, north entry. "Poetry of the Box--a Metaphysical Alphabet with Elsa Corneti and Giorgio Alisanoglou."

21 March 2011, Monday, 8:00pm, at Cafe Floral in Exarcheion Square. "30 to 30, New Poets Fashion a Landscape of New Poetry." Speaker: Titika Dimitroulia and 9:30pm, the Writers' Association and the Society of (de)kata celebrate World Poetry Day with readings of poetry by poets of the Association.

31 March 2011, Thursday, 8:00pm, at Hellenic American Union, Athens. "Poetry in the Society of (de)kata with the Poetry Collection of Mamoud Darouis, Charles Simic, Panou Kapone and Vasili Marangou." Speakers: Giorgos Blanas, Chrysa Spyropoulou, Stratis Chaviaras.

(Posting date 04 March 2011)

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