Greek-English and English-GreekDictionary Now Available for Mobile Devices

Edition Atmos of Verlag &Produktion Publishers inGermany has announced the availability of a Greek-English, English-Greek Electronic Lexicon for mobile devices. Running nearly 30Euros in price, this program is an offshoot of the electronic version for desktop and laptop computers released within the last couple of years. E-lex, as the program is known, assists in the translation of words between English and Modern Greek (demotic). According to the publisher, "terms of the Hellenic language are additionally displayed using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)." A sophisticated search engine accompanies the software package, permitting users to search phonetically for the Greek phonemes I and O (for which a number of Greek vowel combinations may serve).

Demo Version

A demo-version is available for download from the publishers' website at the URL . E-lex contains approximately 90,000 entries, an impressive array by most standards.

System Requirements

Necessary system requirements for installation and operation of the mobile version of e-lex are

Windows CE, Windows mobile 5
12 MB RAM memory
240 x 320 pixel screen resolution

Purchase E-lex

E-lex available online through publishers' website listed above. Payment may be made either throughPaypal or through check or money order. Publisher charges a shipping and handling fee.

(Posting date 11 August 2007

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