Concert Reservation and Donation Form [pdf]

His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios is pleased to announce that Athanasios Dikos of Merrimack, NH, will offer a Piano Concert to benefit the Metropolis of Boston Philoxenia House on Saturday, April 23, 4 p.m. at the Maliotis Cultural Center in Brookline, MA.

A third year student at Keene State College where he is majoring in Piano Performance, Athanasios started piano lessons at the age of five. He has participated in many competitions including the Granite state Auditions and the 20th Century Competition at Plymouth State College where he placed second.

Athanasios has a very personal reason for sharing his talent to benefit the Philoxenia House of the Metropolis of Boston. The memory of his brother Lazaros. Lazaros was in many ways a typical teenage boy. He struggled with his homework, dreamed of going to college, loved to play basketball, ski in the winter, and drive his mom's car. He was a patient and understanding friend, a boy any parent would proudly call son. In 1996, at the age of 14, Lazaros was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease. He fought a good fight for two long years, always leading with his positive attitude and encouraging his family with his angelic smile and soft words. He never complained of his endless trips to Boston and Dartmouth for the chemotherapy treatments that battled his cancer and ravaged his body. Just days before Christmas of his 16th year, Lazaros was relieved of his pain and suffering and gave up his earthly existence. The Dikos family, which greatly assists Metropolitan Methodios in the Philoxenia House ministry, has kept the memory of Lazaros alive through different events it holds each year. Athanasios does it through his music.

"I am grateful to the Dikos family," said Metropolitan Methodios, "for its support of the Philoxenia House. I commend Athanasios for this Benefit Concert. I am most encouraged that Athanasios and other young people are taking an active part in the philanthropic ministry of our Church. It is my sincere hope that many of our young people will attend and enjoy the Piano Concert on April 23, not only to support the Philoxenia House but to also express their gratitude to Athanasios for his exemplary stewardship of his God-given talent."

Download the Concert Reservation and Donation Form:
Concert Reservation and Donation Form [pdf]