Greeks Dissatisfied With State of
Economy, Eurobarometer Says

ATHENS 07/13/2006 (ANA)­ Nine out of 10 Greeks think that the present state of the Greek economy is bad, according to the latest Eurobarometer report for the spring of 2006. The latest report was presented at a press conference on Wednesday by Ierotheos Papadopoulos, who is currently the acting director of the European Union's representation in Greece, at the delegation's offices in Athens.

The Greek negative percentage (89 percent) is among the highest in the whole sample (the EU's average is 56 percent) but, on the contrary, the majority of Greeks are satisfied with the European economy (Greece 64 percent, EU average 53 percent).

Moreover, the Greeks are quite dissatisfied with the present state of social welfare in Greece. More specifically, eight out of 10 Greeks appear to be dissatisfied (79 percent).

Dissatisfaction is also expressed over the Greek educational system, since it is considered that its standard, compared with other EU countries, is lower (Greece 78 percent, EU average 40 percent). .

However, it is noteworthy that despite overall pessimism expressed by Greek public opinion, 64 percent of G!eek citizens say that they are satisfied with the quality of their lives, while 51 percent expect an improvement in their lives over the next five years.

(Posting date 9 August 2006)

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