Daughters of Penelope President Expresses Concern, Compassion for Greece as Fires Spread

WASHINGTON (August 27, 2007)—Karen Stamatiades, grand president, Daughters of Penelope, has issued the following statement on the forest fires that have spread through southern Greece:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the citizens of the Hellenic Republic who have lost loved ones or have lost their homes to the devastating fires that have blazed through southern Greece. We offer our concern and empathize with the Hellenic Republic.

“We also praise the courageous forestry service firefighters and Greek soldiers who are putting their lives on the line to tame and extinguish the fires. Moreover, we appreciate all the countries that have provided assistance to the Greek government in this time of great need. We hope that all of their combined efforts will spare further widespread damage and destruction, especially as the fires approach ancient Olympia.

“Finally, we hope that those individuals responsible for the fires are brought to justice.”

The Daughters of Penelope District Governor for Greece is from Sparta. Stamatiades hopes to be in contact with her today to assess how families are affected in the area.

The Daughters of Penelope is a leading international women’s Hellenic organization. For more information about the Daughters of Penelope, please visit http://www.ahepa.org/dop.

(Posted August 28, 2007)

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